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The Sandbox Game Maker Funds Presents The Valley of Belonging

The Game Maker Funds, an initiative that supports game designers in The Sandbox Metaverse, presents The Valley of Belonging. This is one of the most diverse game experiences to launch in the metaverse.

It is a safe place where people of different identities and backgrounds can thrive. The Sandbox is undoubtedly proud to be a strong supporter of Pride, freedom of identity and expression, and diversity.

Highlights of The Valley of Belonging Experience

This concept is a creation of Hermit Crab Game Studio in collaboration with People of Crypto. Suffice to mention that People of Crypto is innovation and creative lab committed to enhancing diversity, representation, and participation in the metaverse.

The Valley of Belonging experience holds in a valley where hate does not exist and equality is different. It is a place where empathy thrives. It is a diverse community aimed at embracing all ethnicities, disabilities, gender identities, and sexual orientations.

The mayor of the Valley City is Evelyn. All citizens, including the mayor herself, are from different backgrounds and they work together to build and develop the valley into a place where individuals can be true to their identities and essence while having the freedom to express themselves.

the sandbox

What are the Objectives of the Experience?

Gamers arrive at The Valley of Belonging to discover that they will be the host of a Pride Parade. They are to help organize the event by completing all tasks assigned to them by Mayor Evelyn, Finn, Trinity, and other drag queens. 25 collectible items are available for players to collect.

They will also find four important points of interest where players can assist in decorating the city for the experience. Gamers will be able to know more about the valley as they explore stunning places, and meet the community and beautiful diverse characters while they learn a lot more about diversity.

What Characters are Available in The Valley of Belonging?

The Valley of Belonging has two NPCs themed around real-world drag queens, Asia O’Hara and KimChi. These are two popular names from the famous reality TV show, RuPaul’s Drag Race. The narrative concepts and visuals were reenacted in the experience using real-life research of the styles and personas of these drag queens.

There are more characters that players will come across as they explore The Valley of Belonging in preparation for the Pride Parade event.

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