MOBLand Blueprint 3D Avatars
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MOBLand Unveils the Blueprint 3D Avatars

MOBLand unveils the Blueprint 3D avatars. This comes just hours after launching the reveal guide for these in-game characters. Users can view these virtual creatures from the first day via this website. Every day, the team will showcase specific amounts of NFTs. They will also add token IDs corresponding to the number of assets for that day.

The 1st day of the reveal is November 1st 2022. The team will reveal 250 Blueprints to interested players on that day at 8 PM PST/ 11 PM EST. They will also add 250 token IDs to this unveiling. However, these details are not set in stone. The team will update the document daily with corresponding information throughout the reveal period. This will be done when the Avatar Viewer Application goes live.

While making this announcement, MOBLand advised players to do the following:

  • Always use the official link when revealing their Genesis Blueprint Avatars.
  • Not to respond to DMs regarding the mint link, as the team will never reach out to players first.
  • Follow the details published on MOBLand official social media channels.

Details of the MOBland Blueprint 3D Avatars Reveal Guide

Blueprint Reveal Guide

By the 1st of November, the MOBLAnd Blueprint 3D Avatars will go live. They are stored on the BNB Chain, and anyone looking to purchase them must tailor their Metamask wallet accordingly. Buyers can obtain from any of the following platforms:

After purchasing an avatar, follow these steps to reveal your newly-bought asset:

  • Navigate to the soon-to-be-released Avatar Viewer Application from MOBLand.
  • Connect your wallet to the app via Metamask. Ensure that the assets are in your wallet.
  • Select the Blueprint you want to reveal from the left side of your screen.
  • There will be an animation to unveil the new Genesis Blueprint Avatar.

With these NFTs, players can do the following:

  • Burn SEED & BUD to Engage in combat.
  • Assign Defend & Guard duties to your Digital WEED Farms.
  • Borrow and Lend Blueprints to Attack or Defend.
  • Upgrade Blueprints to enhance their capabilities.
  • Restore the health of Blueprints after battles.
  • Build your unique identity in the MafiaVerse.
  • Buy and sell on the MOBLAND Marketplace or external NFT trading platforms.
  • Stake your Genesis Blueprint to earn $SEED as a reward.
  • Play real-time games in the soon-to-be-released PVP game mode.

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