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Splinterlands Presented New Cards With the Rebellion Sneak Peaks

Splinterlands presented the Rebellion Sneak Peaks, the first set of cards was unveiled at the Town Hall. The blog will reveal more new cards over the next week until the Rebellion card set arrives on the Mavs server.

Among the new cards is the Gobalano Soldier, which delivers a powerful blow to the opponent’s rearmost unit or tank, destroying their armor and leaving them vulnerable to a follow-up attack. Its Ambush ability allows it to perform this action before the battle begins.

The Infernal Firestorm, with its high health and armor, stands as an impenetrable tank. Its Flank ability enables it to place a high-attack melee unit in the second position to cut through the opponent’s defenses.

Splinterlands Aims for Strategy Diversification

The Chaos Animator is a low-cost support unit with the ability to amplify cards with Thorns, Return Fire, and Magic Reflect. Its Void Armor provides resistance against magic attackers, and its Redemption ability can turn the tide of battle when defeated.

Tenni Mayla, the golem creator, uses her transmutation skills to build and animate golems. Tenni puts her abilities in the service of the empire, quelling revolts and facing insurgents.

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The Anasth Soothsayer serves multiple functions as a support card, offering Cleanse and Healing, as well as Dispel to nullify effects like Bloodlust and Martyr. Its Lookout protects units on both sides from abilities, Sniper, and Opportunity.

In battle, you can play Zeddica, the first dual-element summoner, when the Death and Water elements are available, enabling the utilization of cards from both elements in the team.

Prophet Rosa, the first Tactics summoner, gives strategic options after revealing the team. She can grant Shield to one of her units or +2 ranged to two of her units, or even strengthen the opponent’s team.

The Rebellion Sneak Peaks brought a new set of cards that will provide a wide range of strategies for the most astute and versatile players. We’ll have to stay tuned for the arrival of the remaining cards and the multitude of advantages they can bring.

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