Fair Fight – The Millennia Battle | Temporada 2: La Emoción de la Batalla en Faraland
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Faraland Introduces Fair Fight – The Millennia Battle Season 2

In the vibrant universe of Faraland, an unparalleled spectacle is coming with Season 2 of “Fair Fight – The Millennia Battle”.

This single-elimination tournament, which runs from January 15 to 27, 2024, promises an exciting display of strategy and combat skill.

The registration period, open from 8:00 UTC from January 15 to 19, begins this competition where only the strongest warriors will emerge victorious.

Participants, after paying a fee of 500 FARA through Binance Smart Chain (BSC), will immerse themselves in a four-legged showdown.

These divisions will lead to the Semifinals and, finally, the Finals, where the ultimate champions will be crowned.

In this PvP tournament, fairness is guaranteed by vigilant referees.

The tournament mechanic offers each warrior an account with heroes of all races, all equipped with complete creation sets to keep the stat balance.

Victory, key in this knockout scenario, is defined by strategic cunning and squad formation.

Players have the opportunity to adjust their tactics after each matchup.

Rewards including 4,500 FARA and NFT items add extra fuel to the fight

The first three places get prizes at FARA, as well as various game materials.

Places 4-8, meanwhile, are rewarded with Soulstones and common NFT materials.

Faraland Introduces Fair Fight – The Millennia Battle Season 2

Participation in this tournament not only involves skill on the battlefield, but also compliance with strict rules.

Projecting the game screen on the assigned Discord channel, punctuality, and respect are essential.

Any form of discrimination or inappropriate behavior will result in disqualification from the tournament.

The detailed schedule, from participant notification to reward distribution, is meticulously managed.

Additionally, the Faraland team’s ability to modify aspects of the game as necessary is highlighted, ensuring a dynamic and equitable tournament.

With an intense competitive atmosphere and the opportunity to be recognized as Faraland’s strongest warrior, Season 2 of “Fair Fight – The Millennia Battle” promises to be a must-see event.

Prepare to immerse yourself in battle, where strategy and skill intertwine to determine the ultimate champion.

Let the millennial contest begin!

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