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Everdome Unveils New Feature on SPACES: Creator Templates

The SPACES platform has introduced a new feature called “Creator Templates,” marking the beginning of a series of functionalities designed to enhance and simplify creation in the metaverse. These new features presented by Everdome enable the metaverse creator community to save their favorite images, designs, or texts, facilitating the repeated creation of spaces.

Users now encounter an option for template creation in the control panel when they open SPACES to create a new space. This innovation allows users to create templates for their spaces to store and reuse in the future. When they want to generate a new event in SPACES, they will have the ability to choose from stored templates or design a completely new one according to their needs and preferences.

A standout feature of this update is the addition of a new dropdown menu in the space creation panel. The menu enables users to select a template, which will autofill all the necessary fields to streamline the creation process. All user-created templates will be directly visible in the main SPACES dashboard and can be easily managed from this entry point. Additionally, users have the ability to edit their templates in the same way they would edit a standard event, providing flexibility and customization in space creation.

everdome spaces

Everdome Empowers SPACES and Aims to Simplify the Creative Process

This new functionality represents a significant step in making creation in the metaverse more efficient and accessible. By allowing users to save and reuse favorite designs and content through Creator Templates, the goal is to simplify the creative process and encourage experimentation in building virtual spaces.

This new development demonstrates the platform’s commitment to continuous improvement and creating tools that facilitate users’ exploration and materialization of ideas in the metaverse. It is an achievement that underscores the importance of flexibility and customization in the creation of virtual experiences, paving the way for broader and more diverse use of the platform.

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