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MOBOX Introduces Dragon’s Flame Phase II, the Burning Ceremony for MODragon Hodlers


  • MOBOX announces the second phase, “Burning Ceremony,” focused on MODragon holders, featuring rewards reaching 69 $ETH and 600,000 $MBOX.
  • Following the success of the previous phase with a 600 $ETH airdrop. MOBOX reaffirms its commitment to the community, expressing gratitude for constant contributions and support.
  • From March 12th to March 22nd, participants can burn assets like unlisted common MODragons, Gems, and Stones, accumulating treasure points to claim rewards in $ETH and $MBOX after March 22nd at 8 AM UTC.

MOBOX has introduced the second phase of Dragon’s Flame, named “Burning Ceremony.” This event is exclusively designed for MODragon holders, providing an opportunity for the community to earn rewards. In this new phase, the prize pool totals 69 $ETH and 600,000 $MBOX.

Building on the success of the previous phase, which saw the distribution of a 600 $ETH airdrop among MODragon holders, the Burning Ceremony reflects MOBOX’s ongoing commitment to community enrichment, expressing gratitude for contributions and unwavering support.

The event, running from March 12th to March 22nd, encourages participants to burn assets. Including unlisted common MODragons, Gems, and Stones. Each asset contributes different amounts of treasure points. With MODragons yielding 6840 points and Gems & Stones points determined by level and quantity burned.

Participants can claim their share of the prize pool in $ETH and $MBOX by visiting the event page after March 22nd at 8 AM UTC. The prize distribution is based on cumulative treasure points. Expanding as more assets are burned, reaching a maximum potential of 69 $ETH and 600,000 $MBOX.

dragonverse mobox

MOBOX Paves the Way for the Arrival of Dragonverse NEO

MOBOX has also shared important details about game changes, discontinuing features such as MODragon Expedition, MODragon Breeding & Hatching. MODragon Upgrading & Evolving, Gems Crafting. Gems & Stones Marketplace, Dragon Souls Production, Mining, and MODragon Blessing after the conclusion of Phase II.

The announcement highlights that MODragons of rarities other than “Common” and those left unburned will be reborn in Dragonverse NEO through asset mapping on the Merlin Chain. Dragonverse (Legacy) will be gracefully retired. The burning of MODragons, Gems, and Stones will no longer be available after the end of Phase II.

MOBOX emphasizes that the Burning Ceremony marks the beginning of a resurrection, anticipating an exciting future for Dragonverse NEO. The community is invited not to miss this crucial moment of transition into a new era of prosperity.

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