Gala Games Legends Reborn is Now Live
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Gala Games Legends Reborn is Now Live


  • Legends Reborn, the long-awaited online collectible card game, has been released.
  • Players can own cards as NFTs, allowing them to trade them on the market and earn rewards.
  • In addition to cards, players can own gaming locations, giving them the opportunity to earn additional rewards.

Legends Reborn has finally arrived, bringing with it a unique experience for fans of collectible card games.

Developed by Gala Games, this game introduces a new dimension to the world of online TCGs by combining strategy, competition, and blockchain economics.

Set in the mystical world of Tolkheim, Legends Reborn features innovative gameplay where players resolve conflicts through card duels rather than violence.

In this universe, the art of Chance cards, imbued with ancient Tolkheimian magic, is essential to success.

What sets Legends Reborn apart is the ability for players to own the cards they play as NFTs.

These cards, both Creatures and Actions, can be exchanged and traded on the GalaChain market, and can also be transferred to Ethereum for trading in secondary markets.

Gala Games Legends Reborn is Now Live

This feature gives players true ownership over their cards, adding an extra layer of strategic depth to the game.

In addition to cards, Legends Reborn players  have the opportunity to own Chance Places

These locations offer their owners the chance to earn a share of the rewards generated by the duels that take place there, adding a strategic investment aspect to the game.

Another exciting aspect of this new game is the introduction of rewards in the form of $TOLK tokens.

Following the conclusion of Season 0, players can expect to earn these tokens by participating in subsequent game seasons.

With its launch, Legends Reborn not only promises to be an exciting and strategic game, but also an opportunity for players to immerse themselves in the exciting world of blockchain technology and the NFT economy.

With its combination of innovative gameplay and economic opportunities, Legends Reborn is poised to captivate players around the world and establish itself as a benchmark in the world of online collectible card games.

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