The Axie Avatar Forge is Here! Create Your Own Avatar in Axie Infinity!
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The Axie Avatar Forge is Here! Create Your Own Avatar in Axie Infinity!

Axie Infinity is excited to announce that the Axie Avatar Forge is now available! If you’re a Lunacian, you can now forge your very own unique avatar using your axies on App.Axie.

It’s a big step towards making a stronger connection between you and your axies!

Forging Your Own Avatar in Axie Infinity

You can forge the avatar by visiting App.Axie and clicking on “Manage Axie” for the axie you want to forge. There, you click on “Axie Avatar Forge” and choose the features you want for your avatar. After that, if you want a still picture, then simply click on “Download Image”. Also, you can get an animated picture by using the “Download Animated GIF” option.

Express Yourself in Infinite Ways!

Lunacia is made up of people from different parts of the world, each bringing something unique to our digital nation. That’s why we want to offer you as many options as possible to express yourself through the Axie Avatar Forge. So, here’s what you can do:

Brand your Axie

Firstly, you can choose from 20 background colors for your PNG or GIF. This makes it easy to match your axie to your personal or professional brand. You can also show your axie’s whole body or zoom in on its face.

Brand your Axie

Animated GIFs

Secondly, make your axies come to life in ten unique poses! You can create animated scenes using assets from Axie Avatar Forge. You can even freeze an axie in the middle of an action. The possibilities are endless, to say the least!

Accessory Toggle

Thirdly, with millions of axies out there, it can be hard to stand out. However, the Axie Avatar Forge lets you toggle accessories on or off when you make the avatar. Axie Core is all about giving you choices and mods, and this is just the beginning.

Join the Axie Infinity Social Challenge!

To celebrate the launch of the Axie Avatar Forge, the platform is having a special challenge for the community. Reply to the announcement tweet with the avatar you made using the Axie Avatar Forge. The top 5 replies with the most likes will win a Japanese axie each! Additionally, you can submit as many avatars as you want. The contest runs until June 7th, so don’t miss your chance to win and show off your creations!

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