Axie Infinity Origins Season 4 Epic Era Goes Live
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Axie Infinity Origins Season 4 Epic Era Goes Live

Axie Infinity has launched Origins Season 4 Epic Era. This is the second aspect of the campaign and comes after the Rare Era. Earlier on, the team introduced an off-season balancing patch. Many of these revamps will continue in this series.

Details of Axie Infinity Origins Season 4 Epic Era

This part of the new season comes after the Rare Era. In that edition, many players were opportune to earn significant prizes. More so, the leaderboard competition was very fierce. In addition, several individuals utilized the “keep mechanic.”

This made battles more interesting as different teams were able to initiate outplays. Topaz, Sustain, Jinx, Aggro Beasts, Bleed Beasts, and Poison emerged as some of the best groups on the leaderboard.

Axie Infinity Season 4 Epic Era will feature a significant prize pool of 39,000 $AXS. This makes for 35% of the general compensation and will be shared among the top 20,000 users. Meanwhile, participants will also receive Runes, Charms, and other in-game assets as rewards. Up to one million contestants will receive various digital items.

Details of Axie Infinity Origins Season 4 Epic Era

As mentioned above, several revamps will take effect in the Epic Era. Some of the fixes include those listed below:

  • Reduction of the Last Stand Mech Rune’s bonus stat from 50% to 40%.
  • Changing the penalty from 10% to 15% for Neutral Stamps like the Moon, Sun, and Rocket Stamps.

The team is improving the test for Cards, Runes, Charms, and Tooltips. This will enable both new and existing players to learn more about the game.

First Mover Advantage

Axie Infinity Origins is an eSports game that requires players to take turns launching attacks. One person initiates the battle by dealing the first blow. While being the user to make the first move has its advantages, there are several disadvantages. Some of them include a lack of card control and other factors that can impede a good start.

Axie Infinity is introducing several measures to ensure that gameplay is fair to every player. Henceforth, the first person will initiate gameplay and set the tone. While the second game will have more options with their free keep and be the first to reach 3 energy.

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