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Era7 Holds Fantasy Box – The 4th ERA Box Sale

Era7: Game of Truth, a new innovative play-to-earn NFT trading card game, is set to hold its Fantasy Box – The 4th ERA Box Sale event. The subscription period for the first round of sale will start on June 30 and runs till July 6.

The calculation and distribution process will take place before 12:00 UTC on July 7. The game platform has introduced a Subscription Mechanism, which gives participants an equal chance to purchase the box.

Highlights of the Rules of Participation in the 4th ERA Box Sale

  • Each Fantasy Box has one random NFT Master Card generated from 28 distinct characters from 7 races in the game.
  • The sale round is based on the subscription demand of users, that is, users buying through the subscription mechanism.
  • The subscription for tickets only supports the $ERA Token and the ticket’s price will be available in the Era7 Marketplace
  • An individual wallet can only subscribe to a maximum of ten tickets during each sale round.
  • The game platform will randomly select a specific percentage of submitted tickets as the winning tickets for each sale round. You can find the details of the success rate in the marketplace.
  • Era7 will refund the $ERA Tokens spent to participants whose tickets were not selected.


Era7 Subscription Mechanism: What it is

The Era7 Subscription Mechanism is designed to give every user an equal chance to take part in the ERA Boxes sale event. Users who bound their Era7 accounts with their wallets are eligible to participate in the event through ticket subscription.

Each wallet address has a subscription cap and after the subscription period closes, the system will select winning tickets randomly and the selected tickets will get the ERA Boxes.

How to Participate in the 4th ERA Box Sale

  • Make sure you have adequate $ERA Token and BNB in your wallet.
  • Log in to your account and choose the number of tickets to subscribe to. You can subscribe to a maximum of ten tickets for each sale round.
  • Lock your $ERA Token to confirm your subscription.
  • All subscribed tickets will go into a pool after the subscription ends and the system will randomly select the winning ticket.
  • The allocation calculation, Boxes distribution, and collection of ERA Boxes and Locked ERA Token will be released afterward.

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