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Gamium World Issues Exhibit Update

As the Gamium World exhibit draws closer, the gaming outfit is giving users an insight of what to expect. While issuing this update, it also reveals the different neighbourhoods that will feature in the course of gameplay. This it because it wants to intimate the community and make everyone feel at home. Such that they will have significant knowledge of the residence where they will localize their avatar.

Details of the Gamium World Exhibit Update

Gamium world will be giving insights to every aspect of the Metaverse as part of the exhibit update. In addition, there will be an expedition where it will be outlining every detail of the virtual world. While issuing this news, it also points out that not every aspect of gameplay will be available. Instead, they will be revealed gradually within the coming months.

Upon launch, users will be able to perform the following actions using their avatars:

  • Own LANDs to create unique experiences
  • Create a community with its own governance and economics
  • Have immersive communication with other Avatars
  • Interact with any existing app/dapp
  • Access exclusive events within the virtual world
  • Build 3D ASSETs
  • Go shopping
  • Earn money

Genesis City

Neighborhoods in the Gamium World Exhibit

Genesis City is the pride of Gamium world, and it is named in honour of the block on the Bitcoin blockchain. This is a large urban area with a wide variety of state-of-the-art architecture and buildings. In this metropolis, avatars can engage in these specific activities:

  • Leisurely strolling
  • Socializing and networking with other Avatars
  • Playing mini-games
  • Attending super-exclusive events
  • Visiting Genesis Emblematic Buildings to use their unique applications

Speaking of edifices, there are nine of them in Genesis City. Each of these structure have their specific purposes in the metaverse. Some of these building include:

  • Oasys Museum
  • Gamium World Center (GWC)
  • Verse Tower
  • Inqbia
  • Gamium Tower
  • Greek Center
  • Stadium
  • Gamium Mall
  • The Dome

Other Neigbourhoods

Although Genesis is the glory of Gamium World, it is not the only region.  There are still several other places in the GamiumVerse. Each of them have their capital and are situated on different islands. Furthermore, each Island is separated into districts and the division depends on the amount of available LANDs.

The aim of these other territories within this virtual world is to ensure that everyone can own a plot. More so, each zone offers its own taste and benefits to your avatar. Therefore, you can choose the area you think will be most beneficial to your in-game character.

The other places within the Gamium virtual world include:

  • Sat
  • Ilios
  • Kaban
  • Pantera
  • Ox
  • Egea
  • Khala Tua
  • Rei
  • Sena

In the meantime, Sat and Ilios will be the first territories up for sale. With the rest to follow suit later. Meanwhile, the team is holding back a special region that it will not be unveiling soon.

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