Uncover Blockchain Treasures in MOBOX x BitGet MOMOverse Event
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Uncover Blockchain Treasures in MOBOX x BitGet MOMOverse Event

Blockchain leaders MOBOX and BitGet Wallet have teamed up for an epic Crypto Gaming Odyssey. Players can win amazing prizes like MOMOs, gaming equipment, and more by finding MOLucks and spinning the wheel of fortune.

The easy way of participating makes this gaming adventure open to everyone. So, gather your friends and start earning MOLucks today! This is a unique chance to blend gaming passion with the fascinating world of crypto. Also, get ready to find many treasures in the MOMOverse!

Event Details from MOBOX

The gaming event starts today, September 1st 9:00 UTC and will continue till September 7th 9:00 UTC. There are also a lot of exciting rewards up for grabs, and some of the awesome rewards are better than others.

The event will give 10 Epic MOMO Boxes, 25 Rare MOMO Boxes, and 200 Avatar Boxes as well. In addition to that, there are also 200 Super MOballs, 1,500 MOballs, and 15,000 Mini MOballs.

How to Take Part in the Event Organized by MOBOX

Taking part in the crypto gaming event is very easy. First, visit the official MOBOX x Bitget event page to get started. Then, complete various steps to earn MOLucks, which are your tickets to spin the prize wheel.

The steps are quite simple as well. You log into BitGet Wallet, follow the platform’s social media, join their Telegram group, and then log into the MOMOverse.

Each task grants 20 MOLucks, and it resets daily at 9:00 AM UTC so you can earn again and again.

How to Take Part in the Event Organized by MOBOX

Daily Tasks

There are also daily MOMOverse tasks that offer more chances to gain MOLucks. These include collecting 10 items, using MOballs, crafting materials, and producing/upgrading buildings.

The more MOLucks you rack up, the more spins you get on the rewards wheel!

Earn Even More MOLucks

In addition, you can earn 80 extra MOLucks by inviting 3 friends to join the blockchain gaming event. Share the fun and reap more spins!

Don’t Miss Out on BitGet Perks

On top of the wheel spins, BitGet Wallet is providing perks like GasU airdrops and blind box giveaways worth up to $1000 in USDT. Take advantage of everything this event offers!

Adventure Awaits in the MOMOverse

This epic blockchain gaming event lets you earn real rewards while discovering the MOMOverse. So, bring your friends along to the game platform and unlock amazing prizes! An epic adventure awaits – are you ready?

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