Tiny Dungeons Whitelist Test Starts Soon on Tiny World
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Tiny Dungeons Whitelist Test Starts Soon on Tiny World

There is some really exciting news that we bring for Tiny NFT players! The final whitelist test for Tiny Dungeons is about to begin, and they have a chance to join.

This last testing phase offers a chance to try the new game before its full launch on the platform. Provide feedback to help finalize Tiny Dungeons for everyone to enjoy soon!

Test Duration on Tiny World

The Tiny Dungeons whitelist test runs from September 5th, 2022, at 8:00AM UTC until September 19th, 2022, at 7:00AM UTC. Throughout testing, the dev team will continue to deploy updates, fixes, and new features based on test feedback from the players.

Testing on Web Version Only

This test phase is exclusively available on the Tiny Dungeons web version. Only whitelisted players of Tiny World can participate and access the game. So, be sure to check eligibility before you decide to join.

Who Can Join the Test?

There are three ways to get access to the Tiny Dungeons whitelist test. Firstly, anyone who participated in Tiny World zkSync presale AND on TW zkSync whitelist can join.

Secondly, anyone who took part in the first closed Tiny Dungeons beta test can also join. Finally, those who won the recent Tiny Dungeons community whitelist giveaway can also play.

Check eligibility announcements before the test starts.

Goals and Test Content

The primary goal is collecting bugs and feedback for optimization before launch. The devs will adjust resources during testing as needed. There are also great rewards for testers that we are sharing below! Note that all test phase data will be wiped after the test concludes.

Tiny Dungeons Whitelist Test Starts Soon on Tiny World

Exciting Test Rewards

Two types of rewards are offered for the valuable participation of testers and the details are below.

Active Rewards

Reach stage 80+ in PvE by the end of the test to get 1 post-launch growth pack. Stage 200+ earns 1 growth pack and 10 lucky gift boxes! Packs contain hero summons, monster marks, gold, and XP.

Arena Rewards

Top 10 in PvP arena leaderboard get 4 mystery runes each. Ranks 11-25 get 2 Runes each. Ranks 26-50 get 1 Rune each.

Thanking All the Tiny Dungeons Testers in Tiny World!

The platform highly appreciates everyone taking the time to test and provide feedback before the full Tiny Dungeons launch. This last whitelist test phase will help ensure a polished experience for all players on day one! Good luck and have fun in the final test!

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