Tiny World to Bring an Epic Adventure in Tiny Dungeons Soon
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Tiny World to Bring an Epic Adventure in Tiny Dungeons Soon

Tiny Dungeons is a part of Tiny World, and a lot of people are waiting for it eagerly. In this game, you get to battle with character cards in arenas.

You can design the arena battlefield to help you win as well. A lot of fun is coming your way, thanks to Tiny Heroes and Tiny Land NFTs.

The Role of Tiny Heroes

In this game, the Hero and monster levels are important, and they will affect the rewards you earn. Tiny Dungeons has many seasons, and after each season, all levels reset. This keeps the economy of the game in balance too. As your hero levels up, you can do a lot of useful things. Firstly, you can get more gold and use it to improve your heroes. Secondly, you can get experience potions and use them for leveling up too.

NFT Advantages

Tiny Heroes give you more resources depending on their power and time. Additionally, they also give arena attribute bonuses to players. Lastly, they can be used on the blockchain and in-game at the same time.

The Role of Tiny Heroes

Tiny World Bringing New NFTs to Tiny Lands

A new addition is coming to the game, and they are the Tiny Lands NFTs. These NFTs are limited, and they are a way to show your status in Tiny World too. They help you earn more and make the game more fun as well.

Benefits of Tiny Lands

In arenas, you can develop Tiny Lands attributes and increase your power for many purposes. You can deploy more monsters in battles, get more gold for your wins, and even give monsters more hit points.

In addition to that, you can also enjoy some special perks. Your defense towers can get combat bonuses, the traps you set are a lot more effective, and invading others comes with a chance of finding treasure chests as well.

Summing Up

These are only some of the things that will come to the game, and they will grow over time. Tiny Dungeons uses a big skill database, too, that will keep things interesting.

Additionally, using cards and arenas will make the game much more fun than just comparing numbers. The Tiny Dungeons gameplay and Tiny Lands will certainly make your Tiny World experience.

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