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MetaOcean Presale Slated for November 29th on Pinksale

MetaOcean, a revolutionary P2E game on BSC, has announced the presale of its token, $METO scheduled to take place on November 29 on Pinksale. $METO is the in-game currency and token to be used in the MetaOcean universe at the launch of the game.

For the presale event, a total supply of 100,000,000,000 METO is available to the public. However, 60% of these, which is 60,000,000,000 will be presented during the presale event at the rate of 1 BNB to 37,350,000 METO.

The estimated initial market cap for the presale event is $1,576,789 with the soft cap being 500 BNB while the Hard Cap is 1000 BNB. The presale event is slated to start at 13:00 UTC on November 29 and end at 13:00 UTC on December 2, 2021. The token has also been listed on Pancakeswap.

metaocean game

What is MetaOcean?

MetaOcean is the next revolutionary play-to-earn game within the crypto space. It uses the $METO token as its in-game currency and users can use the token to breed Squibbles, defend their territories, and fight the enemies. It is a play and earn game where players stake $METO to win and breed new Squibble NFT.

Users can put the fighting skills of their Squibbles to test by fighting to win $METO. They can also participate in the highly competitive APYs within the Defi space while staking their tokens to earn more. Breeding the Squibbles requires hatching their eggs to reveal the inherent NFTs.

There are numerous exciting and challenging tasks that players would be able to perform in the MetaOcean metaverse universe with the tokens. They will also be able to trade the tokens for real cash in the marketplace.

What are the Features of the Squibbles?

The Squibbles are cute ERC711-based characters within the crypto metaverse. They are of different species and users have the freedom to decide what their Squibbles would look like. They may be Fish, Dragon, or Dragonfish.

They are NFT-based underwater creatures and they have a single purpose for existing. Their sole purpose is to fight and defend territories. Users can create their Squibbles with the use of $METO. After the creation, they have to breed them and enhance their abilities. Every activity, including breeding and training Squibbles, earn the users’ experience points.

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