The Red Village Launches New Blood Championship in Collaboration With IQ Protocol
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The Red Village Launches New Blood Championship in Collaboration With IQ Protocol

The Red Village is set to release the New Blood Championship. This is arguably the biggest NFT rental contest and will be in collaboration with IQ Protocol. Contestants will be divided into factions, where they will try to outwit each other over a period of 5 weeks.

The Training Week

Before the competition proper goes live, there will be a training exercise. The team is projecting that up to 20 GameFi communities will participate in this event. Considering that this is the maiden edition of this competition, TRV wants to give participants a headstart. In addition, these trials will level the playing field and grant everyone equal and decent winning chances

As mentioned above, the New Blood Championship will begin with a training week that will commence by 7 PM (Eastern Time) on Monday, the 19th of June. Participants have, from this date until 7 PM (Easter Time) on Sunday, the 25th of June, to complete this stage.

To join the training week of this competition, players must complete these steps. Once they participate in this campaign, they will be added to a draw, where they can earn one of the 12 unused TRV Champions and a prize pool of $USDC tokens.

Details of The Red Village New Blood Championship

Details of The Red Village New Blood Championship

After the Training Week concludes, The Red Village New Blood Championship will then go live by 7 PM (Eastern Time) on Monday the 26th of June. More so, this competition will continue till 7 PM (Eastern Time) on Monday, the 24th of July. Within these five weeks, there will be two ways for players to participate. The first is a free-for-all competition, while the other is a faction-styled tournament.

TRV is setting aside 35,000+ USD as a reward for this contest. Below is a breakdown of the respective prize pools:

  • Free-For-All: 25,000 + USD
  • Factions: 10,000 USD

Participants should check for New blood Quests to see the tasks they need to complete. Most of these missions center around gameplay and NFT rental. Anyone who finishes their undertakings will receive the equivalent point. Participants need to accumulate as many points as possible to finish higher up the leaderboard.

While this is a 5-week-long exercise, the leaderboard will reset every week. Players will then receive compensation according to their performance within the last 7 days. TRV wants to ensure that gameplay remains competitive for the duration of this contest.

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