The Sandbox Opens Up Backroom Game Jam Using Game Maker
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The Sandbox Opens Up Backroom Game Jam Using Game Maker

If you are a creator or a developer, The Sandbox has a great offer for you to take advantage of. By joining hands with Game Maker, the company is bringing to you their Backrooms Game Jam.

This is a cool journey that lets you come up with the most fun and engaging experiences for players. Of course, making it happen in a game is what makes it so much better.

Creativity and Chilling Experiences Come Together in The Sandbox

The best thing about this entire game is that it will ask you to perform under pressure. Of course, that pressure won’t be a tough boss, but a chilling and scary environment with flickering lights and eerie sounds. As you save yourself from the dangers of the game, you will create something that people can truly enjoy.

Creativity and Chilling Experiences Come Together in The Sandbox

Rewards and Judging Criteria from The Sandbox

Making something good in such a scenario is certainly a feat. So, The Sandbox is going to give away different rewards as well. The top one is 10,000 SAND, and then they go all the way down to 100 SAND. There are also some rewards for unique achievements like Best Design and Best Idea.

The entire game will have several key areas where the participants will earn points. The total of these points will be used to rank each entry in the game. There are 5 points each for Overall Creative Idea, Level Design, Game Design, and Playability. There are also two bonus points each for Wow Factor and Vision.

Players can also share their Moodboard for 2 extra points, and they will do it using the AI tool Scenario.

Using Images from Scenario

The AI image generator Scenario is available on the Discord account of The Sandbox, and it offers many benefits. Creators can use it to get inspiration, improve designs, and save so much time too. So, when you are trying to create something amazing in a short time, a tool like Scenario will be quite handy.

Submission Process for Backroom Game Jam

You need to use Game Maker software to make your game and follow all the guidelines for submission. The games must be 5 minutes long minimum and should have original content in them only. Make sure your entry is valid as per the instructions from the game platform to win.

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