PlayMining Cookin' Burger Season 12 Goes Live
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PlayMining Cookin’ Burger Season 12 Goes Live

PlayMining has launched the new season 12 from the famous play-to-earn game, Cookin’ Burger, via an open beta version. As with tradition, maintenance will precede this edition to ensure that participants enjoy a seamless gaming experience. This means that the competition will go live after the patch note takes effect, instead of the date in the announcement.

In this season, the rarity of NFTs each participant use will determine the size of rewards they will get. Rarer digital assets will enable people to get more significant compensation.

Below is a breakdown of in-game items and their possible earnings:

  • Secondhand Food Cart: 1.15 to 2.87 $DEP
  • Economy Food Cart: 16.99 to 37.11 $DEP
  • Deluxe Food Cart: 93.22 to 18039 $DEP
  • Secondhand Food Truck: 293 to 369.37 $DEP
  • Economy Food Truck: 534.06 to 745.73 $DEP
  • Deluxe Food Truck: 1222.88 to 1766.52 $DEP

Meanwhile, people can increase the size of compensation they get through their skills. As shown above, there are ranges showing how much players with specific NFTs can earn. Therefore, it is up to users to perform significantly and get the higher end of these prizes.

Details of the PlayMining Cookin’ Burger Season 12

Details of the PlayMining Cookin' Burger Season 12

PlayMining Cookin’ Burger Season 12 is scheduled to go live by 11:00 (UTC+8) on Monday the 19th of June. Players have from that date till 10:59 (UTC+8) on the 17th of July to participate in this competition. Only users who have the required digital assets can join this event. Interested persons can purchase NFTs from the in-game marketplace.

During the period stated above, players will compete for positions on the leaderboard. Rating will be according to the number of points they score in each gameplay. These outcomes will determine how much $DEP tokens and digital assets they will receive as rewards.

There will be different rankings according to the following criteria:

  • Food Truck: this leaderboard is for players who have Food Truck NFTs
  • Part-time Staff: every user who has a PlayMining account and wallet can join this content.
  • Food Cart: only individuals who have Food Cart NFTs can join this leaderboard.

Despite revealing the possible token rewards, the announcement states that the game can change the benefits without prior notice. That said, the distribution of rewards will begin on Monday the 24th of July. PlayMining will reveal the winners between when the completion end and the beginning of the dispensation of prizes to participants.

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