Phantom Galaxies Releases Homestead Part 1
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Phantom Galaxies Releases Homestead Part 1

Phantom Galaxies has released Homestead Part 1. This lore explains insights into the background of gameplay for the second beta edition of this NFT-related game. It will also share information about the gaming stages, scenes, and possible in-game characters. Players will learn about the roles they will undertake when the next edition of this game goes live.

Recall that Phantom Galaxies launched a close edition known as Beta Cohorts 1 earlier in May. Considering that there was limited access, only a few users were able to join. However, the team has gotten feedback for improvement and is currently working on a public release. In the meantime, they are giving people an insight into what to expect from this public version.

While issuing the first part of this Lore, Phantom Galaxies adds that gameplay will be more intense. This is because the threats will be more significant, and the battles will be more difficult. Only the best contestants will be able to defend Typhon in these brand-new bounties.

Details of the Phantom Galaxies Homestead Part 1

Details of the Phantom Galaxies Homestead Part 1

The gameplay begins with a female character known as Typhon sneaking out of her home. She had a wrapped package in her possession that was not revealed during the first part of the Lore. On the other hand, there were two female characters known as Ayanna and Francisca. Unlike Typhon, these avatars are veterans with some battle experience.

The latter is encouraging the former to leave the Island because she feels something dangerous will happen. However, the former is reluctant and assumes that her kids are safe. Francisca informs Ayanna that things are getting worse at the NCA. There are also reports that characters known as Brooksea and Xanorra are forcefully colonizing other space residents.

Despite the warnings, Ayanna is hesitant to leave her home. Especially because she and her late husband Sumi build a bio-dome farming facility, and their products were in high demand. In addition, she had the help of a former ranger known as Molly.

The lore ends with Francisca leaving Ayanna but promising to check back with them. In addition, she also encouraged Ayanna to leave if things show signs of going bad. Meanwhile, the connection between all three in-game characters remains unclear. Phantom Galaxies did not also indicate if or when the sequel to Homestead Part 1 will be released.

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