Faraland Launches Refactor Code V0.3.0
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Faraland Launches Refactor Code V0.3.0

Faraland is proud to announce the release of the Refactor Code V0.3.0. This is a new update and will feature significant changes to the backend support of the game. With this upgrade, the team is enabling better in-game performance that will ensure that players enjoy seamless gameplay. Furthermore, this new system will serve as the foundation for future upgrades.

The reason is that the refactoring code improves the game’s source code and enables a sleeker experience for both iOS and Android devices. In addition, it makes the process effecting maintenance and fixing of bugs to become straightforward. This is such that Faraland will not have to undergo significant downtime in order to make changes to the new system.

Below are the links for downloading this new version of the game for specific devices:

Faraland Refactor Code V0.3.0 and Areas of Improvement

Faraland Refactor Code V0.3.0 and Areas of Improvement

While optimizing the source code, Faraland is also improving certain aspects of gameplay. For example, they are reengineering the pathfinding logic that guides avatar navigation within the virtual world. This means that players will be able to control their in-game characters much better during PVP and PVE gaming.

In addition, the team is altering the Move Cost and making it dependent on terrain. Henceforth, the amount will remain fixed when moving within a particular terrain. However, the price will change as people move out of that specific terrain.

Below is a summary of the new Move Cost:

  • Land – 1.
  • Water – 1.5.
  • Abyss – 2.

Meanwhile, there will be no alterations to the move range. On the other hand, there is a complete overhaul of the skill system. The Faraland Refactor Code V0.3.0 is totally changing the 28 skill trees and 7 skill books. Although the team is keeping all the skills, the hero will now move to a random area instead of being directed by the player once individuals use the “Heroic Charge” skill.

The new skill mechanism will introduce cooldown or reset times every time people use a power-up. Faraland believes that this new system will encourage better in-game strategies. Furthermore, there is now a new map system within the game. This unexplored area offers hidden treasures, exhilarating challenges, and fantastic quests to keep people engaged.

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