Torque Motorsport Joins the REVV Ecosystem
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Torque Motorsport Joins the REVV Ecosystem

Torque Motorsport will join REVV racing as it launches Torque Drift 2. This comes after Animoca Brands and Grease Monkey Games partnered with Formula DRIFT to introduce Torque Drift to the metaverse. This game sequel will offer NFTs and immersive virtual experiences that will be part of this racing ecosystem.

REVV Racing Ecosystem and Torque Motorsport

REVV Motorsport is an ecosystem of racing blockchain games under the umbrella of Animoca Brands. More so, it is powered by the $REVV token, which serves as the primary currency of utility. In addition, it gives players freedom and control over in-game items across the metaverse. Furthermore, this virtual space currently consists of REVV Racing, MotoGP™ Ignition, Formula E: High Voltage, and now Torque Drift 2.

The incorporation of Torque Motorsport into the REVV ecosystem is a sign of Animoca’s commitment to offering users the best playing experience. Especially after it has to discontinue the operation of F1® Delta Time. Formula DRIFT NFTs will become available for players to earn, own and trade when the new game goes live. Speaking of the launch, the reveal trailer of Torque Drift 2 will be premiered on the 7th of May 2022 via live broadcast from Formula DRIFT.

About Formula DRIFT

Torque Motorsport

Formula DRIFT is the leading international drifting championship. Since its establishment in Japan, it has grown into a worldwide competitive sport that demands a lot of power and strength from vehicles. It offers professional drifters from all over the world a stage to compete for a coveted prize.

Speaking of the partnership, the president of Formula DRIFT – Ryan Sage, said:

“Formula DRIFT has always been an innovator and we constantly strive to integrate new technology. From the creation of our free-to-view Livestream, to drone footage of every qualifying and competition run, to our multimedia social media platforms, and more, Formula DRIFT has set the standard for international motorsports series. That’s why we’re really excited to partner with Animoca Brands on Torque Drift 2 for both the gaming side and the new NFT aspect, which opens up some really interesting opportunities for the sport and fans alike.”

The founder and managing director of Grease Monkey Games was also excited about this partnership. Sharing his expectation of this game, here is what Arran Potter said:

“We’re excited to bring Formula DRIFT into the open metaverse and continue to deliver the ultimate Formula DRIFT game experience to our users. With Torque Drift 2 being the official and only blockchain game of Formula DRIFT, players can expect a comprehensive and immersive Formula DRIFT experience that has never been seen before.

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