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Illuvium Set to Launch a New Game: Illuvium Zero

Illuvium, a play-to-earn game platform, has announced the launch of its mini-game, Illuvium Zero. The game offers players a chance to build a self-sustaining economy and generate resources.

To play the game, players must acquire a Land plot where they can build impressive infrastructure and extract unique fuels of different kinds.

According to the game platform, each Land in the Illuvium Zero game has a randomly generated resource pool, fuels, and governing elements you can extract to trade. It is worth mentioning that no two Lands are the same.

What to Expect on the Release of Illuvium Zero

Illuvium revealed that it will first release the Illuvium Zero game for PC platforms. However, the team is working tirelessly to bring the game into Android and iOS devices with time. It further mentioned that the mini-game will first be released as a WebGL version.

This is compatible with most browsers on PC and Mac. It will also be a downloadable APK for Android devices. As mentioned, players must purchase Land plots to play the game.

The Land allows gamers to build their self-sustaining economy and resources, which they can use in the main Illuvium game. It is worth mentioning that there are only 100,000 Land plots available, and the first presale will offer only 20,000.


Highlights of Illuvium Zero Gameplay

Players with Land plots can construct buildings and upgrade them to produce cosmetic blueprints and valuable resources for skins. The Land plots come with various rarity levels ranging from tier 0 to tier 5. The tier 0 level is a free-to-play plot with an unlimited supply.

However, tier 0 cannot interact with the main Illuvium game but is only usable in the free game. Players interested in playing the main game must choose from tiers 1 to 5. These can interact and generate resources from the main game.

Illuvium gameplay, like other base-building games, will offer players the chance to improve their base, build miners, and acquire resources. Players can send and acquire resources from low-tier and high-tier lands.

To increase potential resources a player can acquire, they can buy multiple lands from different tier levels and manage them to increase value. As mentioned, Illuvium Zero will first be released for the PC platform. The team will work to bring it to Android and iOS devices as the development progresses.

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