Genopets Status Report #018
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Genopets Issues the Status Report #018

Genopets is issuing Status Report #018. As with tradition, the team keeps pet masters on upgrades and improvements to the Genoverse. While communicating this update, the team added that most of the issues mentioned are not final. There may still be further alterations, and players should keep that in mind when giving their feedback.

Details of the Genopets Status Report #018

Genopets announces changes to prizes in Status Report #018. The team started the Community Challenge to increase the Treasure Hunt reward pool. However, the challenge rules will be adjusted to reward competitive gameplay. Henceforth, you can unlock numerous prizes by minting more pages. This implies that community members will unlock more extra benefits.

Users can also select the type of limited-edition tail and wing augments they want to unlock. They can also choose the preferred colour of the Chromo Crystals and Energy Boost. Pet masters can get the very rare Horn augment if they mint all 35,000 pages before the week’s Hunt ends. Remember to track your progress from your dashboard constantly.

Genopets Alkali Crafting Pages

Genopets is making the crafting process easier. Players need all 5 Alkali’s crafting pages to fashion the Legendary Lab. The team is providing pages for weeks 1-3 on Magic Eden. This will help users who missed one or two weeks and need to make up for it. Pet masters who want to collect extra copies of recipes and mint multiple times can benefit from this opportunity. Further additions will be made as time goes on.

In-Game Improvements

Meanwhile, the dev team are working on the Petting mini-game. This new gameplay allows masters to give their pets scratches on the head. In return, these creatures will react by emitting mini hearts to show their mood is improving. This feature will be released early for testing. However, it still needs to be optimized for a better user experience. Therefore, the testnet will be simply for fun and petting your avatar will not improve its mood.

Besides adding to the gaming options, the team is improving existing ones. This includes changing the colouration of the Stage 5 Aqua Augment Series. The dev team is also conducting trials of the augmentation animation concepts, especially the 3D models. Work is ongoing on the gameplay mechanics in battle discovery sessions. There is now a tab for pending items in the mainframe.

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