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Radio Caca Looki Exchange Plan Set for August 15th

Earlier, Radio Caca hinted at an update scheduled to drop later this month. Following the release of that upgrade, the game is issuing the first batch of Looki Exchange. This event will take place on the 15th of August on the new exchange. There are also terms and conditions associated with the operation.

For one, not all assets are interchangeable in this batch. You can only swap N-Metamons with 400 attributes or above and are in level 60. Meanwhile, there are no limitations for OTC Metamons. In addition, the amounts of NFTs in this drop are limited. Furthermore, these releases will take place in a 20:1 ratio subsequently. More importantly, this event will not affect the native reward of JAZ Node.

How to Participate in the Radio Caca Looki Exchange

While making the announcement, the team also issued a guide that will direct the Radio Caca Looki Exchange participation process. Below is the step-by-step tutorial:

  • Log in to the Looki exchange and navigate to the new lobby.
  • At this point, enter the amount of N-Metavmons you want to swap. Once you do this, the system will calculate the ratio and outline what you will get in return. Ensure that the assets you wish to trade in have 400 attributes or above.
  • Click on “Confirm” to complete the process. This will require that you pay gas fees. Be sure that you have enough tokens to fund the transaction. Without this requirement, the operation may not be successful.
  • If you follow the process diligently and complete it, Looki will be distributed to your in-game account.

Before swapping your assets for this cryptocurrency, it is important to know certain things. For example, the Looki Exchange is presently not applicable to ETH Metamons. In addition, each currency will be given a random number – with #0000–1999 allocated for the first batch. The good news is, that you can swap as much as you want. There are no limits to this process, only a 5-second break to allow the exchange to cool down.

All You Need to Know About Looki

Radio Caca Massive Architecture Upgrade

Looki is an in-game token that offers several benefits, like Intellectual property rights. There are no trading limitations when using it. This means you can use it to purchase Houses in MetaCasa, when the alpha version goes live in late August.

Users who stake Looki for one year will receive a JAZ Node. A mystery box containing 1,000 SR Nodes and 9,000 R Nodes will also be distributed. Other benefits of this token include airdrops of MetaCasa assets.

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