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PlayMining Launches Cookin’ Burger Open Beta Today

PlayMining, a play-to-earn game platform announced the launch of their new blockchain game, Cookin’ Burger Open Beta version today, August 15, 2022.

What is the Cookin’ Burger Game all about?

Cookin’ Burger is a multi-task cooking game where the gamer plays the role of an employee at a burger shop. They take orders from different customers and serve them burgers accurately and quickly based on their orders. Although the game is simple to play, players have to simulate the experience required for running a physical burger shop.

They have to use various techniques, including understanding customers’ preferences and deciding on the most effective cooking orders. The official launch of the game by playmining will provide ranking rewards to players based on the rankings and different other features.

Players can later become shop owners in the game when they buy shop NFTs, which consist of different grades. They can build the reputation of their shops through gameplay. As the reputation grows, they have better opportunities to earn more DEAPcoins within the game.


How to Earn Rewards in Cookin’ Burger

There are three different ways to earn rewards in Cookin’ Burger. These include Daily MissionsWeekend Events, and Monthly Ranking. Each month, the in-game scores are calculated for each season and at the end of the month, the in-game items or DEAPcoin are shared with players based on their earnings.

 The game platform will announce the particular reward structure and associated amounts before the official public launch of the game.

More Details about Cookin’ Burger

As mentioned, players can own shops in Cookin’ Burger when they purchase the shop NFT. However, they can also play the game without owning the NFTs. Shop NFTs come in different grades and you can upgrade as you continue to play the game and spend DEP. Higher grade shop NFTs earn players more rewards and the higher the grade, the higher the difficulty level of the game.

Each Shop NFT uses a parameter known as Reputation. When you remember your customers’ preferences and order and serve them fast, your regular customers will increase, and in turn, your repeat sales increases. This leads to a higher reputation and increased sales.

However, when you fail to serve customers within the time limit or have poor grilling, or repeat mistakes in serving, your shop’s reputation declines and your shop can be suspended for a timeframe if your parameters become negative.

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