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Summoners Arena Launches the Gathering of the Guardians Event

An innovative play-to-earn Idle RPG game platform, Summoners Arena officially launches its Gathering of the Guardians contest with over $100,000 worth of rewards waiting for participants.

To become eligible to earn a part of the reward, the first step is to join the search for the 12 Ancient Guardians of Summonia and restore peace to the metaverse.

These 12 Ancient Guardians are scattered over Summonia and the first summoners that gather these missing souls will receive the most attractive rewards. The event is scheduled to start at 2:00 pm UTC on August 15 and runs until 2:00 pm UTC on August 31.

Highlights of the Rewards for the Gathering of the Guardian Event

The game platform has a prize pool of 650 boxes available for grab with a total value of $97,500 BUSD. Participants that can collect the 12 Guardians can exchange them for the Mighty Chest, which is worth $500 BUSD. It is worth mentioning that there is no restriction to the number of prizes a Summoner can earn.

However, only 150 Mighty Chests are available for the event. Summoners can also exchange the Guardians for raffle tickets. One Guardian can be exchanged for one raffle ticket. The luckiest raffle entries will receive a total of 500 Sacred Chests.

summoners arena

How to Participate in the Event

Every Summoner can participate in the search. Follow the steps below to join the search:

  • Connect your wallet and sign in with the corresponding Summoners Arena account
  • Complete the in-game missions, which include clearing campaign stages, joining arena battles, joining battleground battles, participating in special summon with ASG, evolving Heroes from 6-Stars and above
  • Using the soul essence pieces, summon Guardians at the official link designed for the event
  • Collect all 12 Guardians and exchange them for raffle tickets or exchange them for a Mighty Chest. Note that you need all 12 Guardians to claim a Mighty Chest while you get 1 raffle ticket for every 1 Guardian.

Summoners can also participate in Merchant’s Wheel of Fortune where they get to earn valuable prizes from participating platforms. A total prize pool of over $8000 BUSD is available to be shared among winners. The event runs concurrently with the Gathering of Guardians. The participating platforms are Tiny World, GuildFi, BlockchainSpace, and Impossible Finance.

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