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Pirates World to Hold Treasure Hunters Minting Event on December 30, 2021

Pirates World, an NFT-based play-to-earn game platform, has announced its Treasure Hunters minting event slated to hold on December 30, 2021, at 16:00 UTC. The event will allow members of the game metaverse to explore the special pirate and ship of the season. 

Treasure Hunters’ minting event is the first special mint event of the game platform where collectibles with exceptional value will be made available. The NFTs that will be available for minting are very rare with only 10 of their kind in supply. 

These NFTs will have special immunity against damages from Kraken Attacks. It means that the NFTs are indestructible.

Details of the Treasure Hunters Minting Event

As mentioned, the NFTs that will be available during the minting event are unique NFTs and they have a supply of ten of each, which are ten unique pirates and ten unique ships. Participants that get unique NFTs will not be allowed to mint another unique NFT for the same wallet. 

Individuals that do not get a unique NFT will receive a pirate or ship with a rarity level of one to five from the probability table. The Pirate World game system is using VRF from the stable of Chainlink to ensure that the minting process is as transparent as possible. 

To participate in this special minting event, participants must have at least $15 and 25 $RGOLD units for the minting of every chest. These limited and special NFTs come with the Pirates World logo and the season’s name. These NFTs are unique models in all ramifications. 

Participants that get any of these unique NFTs will have the honor of having them displayed in the Pirate World’s museum on the Sandbox Metaverse. As stated earlier, these unique NFTs are indestructible, which means that they have unlimited durability that cannot be damaged by the Kraken.

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Highlights of the Pirates World Game Platform

Pirates World: Sea of Treasures is an NFT-based play-to-earn game designed to offer players a fun experience. Players collect Ships and Pirates to explore the ocean in search of treasures while they go on dangerous expeditions. 

The game is deployed on the BSC and is compatible with different web3 wallets. Gamers have the opportunity to earn $RGOLD using their NFTs through the looting of the Islands. They can also sell their NFTs through the Marketplace to earn money.

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