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SPACE Y Partners with RED KITE for its Initial DEX Offering (IDO)

SPACE Y, a pioneer metaverse NFT blockchain game, has partnered with RED Kite to launch its first IDO on November 20. Interested participants can now join the IDOs as they prepare in earnest for the event. 

Suffice to mention that SPACE Y offers an exceptional tower defense game that provides players with an immersive game experience with various opportunities to earn while enjoying their games. Players have the opportunity to own lands and create structures and scenes that suits them. 

Using various strategies, they have the freedom to create Martian defense systems to successfully defend their territories against the invasion of the enemy. Since it is a play-to-earn platform, players can also exchange their Martian assets to earn money. They can buy and sell lands, towers, ores, and buildings within the Space Y Marketplace.

How to Sign up and Join the SPACE Y IDOs

There are four steps required to join the IDOs on the Red Kite platform. Interested participants can go through the official Twitter handle of SPACE Y to find the link to join the IDOs. However, here are the simple steps to join the event.

  • Connect your wallet by visiting and clicking on “Connect Wallet” at the header on the page to connect your wallet. You will see a popup window where you have to select the network of your choice, such as Polygon, BSC, and Ethereum.
  • Place your stake to become eligible to participate in the IDOs. Participants must achieve at least one Red Kite tier from Dove, Phoenix, Eagle, and Hawk before they can participate. You can simply click on the “Staking” menu on the page and follow the prompting to stake.
  • Complete your KYC after you have successfully staked. Navigate to the “Upcoming” menu on the Pool Dashboard and choose the SPACE Y IDOs. The system will automatically request if you want to complete your KYC right away. You can click the “KYC Now” menu and follow the prompts to complete the process
  • Click on the “Apply Whitelist” button on the Pool Detail and review the requirements. Ensure that you complete the required tasks highlighted in the project and provide your Telegram and Twitter usernames before you click the “Submit” button. 

More about SPACE Y

Space Y is a maze tower defense NFT game that combines open-world RGB features. The platform allows players to use NFTs to defend and develop the human base located on Mars. They have to overcome different challenges and explore the secret of the universe. Players are rewarded with tokens when they complete tasks.

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