Dragon War Releases the ROI Potential in its Game Metaverse
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Dragon War Releases the ROI Potential in its Game Metaverse

Dragon War, a play-to-earn, NFT-based, turn-based strategy game platform, has released details on the ROI potential of its game platform. According to the game metaverse, Dragon War is focused on providing potential ROI to users so they can earn while enjoying an amazing game experience.

The game platform has emphasized that it not only provides the most entertaining turn-based strategy game but is also committed to providing an attractive return on investment to ensure that players enjoy earning even as they enjoy an exceptional gaming experience.

Highlights of the Dragon War ROI

Dragon War announces that it will continue to update its ROI mechanism based on new release features and community feedback, among others. According to the analysis and statistics gathered by the team on players taking part in the Open Test, here are the highlights of the ROI potential that players can look forward to.

  • Top players with a good understanding of the game and competence in the battle strategy as well as holding a lucky chest with one rare dragon can get an ROI in 24-30 days of playing the game.
  • The worst players with no application of battle strategy but only play the game for pure entertainment can get an ROI in about 45 days.
  • The average player will get an ROI in about 30 days.

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The game platform has also revealed some interesting facts that will take place during the release of the Mainnet. The details of these are enumerated below:

  • Gamers can get Dragon formation at a cost-effective price from other gamers in the Marketplace so they can begin to farm with the lowest map. When you have a qualified squad go head-to-head in battle with weaker enemies, you have a better chance of winning and you can claim the rewards.
  • When gamers buy a discounted Dragon army, the price will be lower to get.
  • Players can look forward to more features in Mainnet in the future. These features include Arena, and they will generate more tokens, which will ultimately increase the earning time for the ROI.

It is worth mentioning that all players are eligible to benefit from the relatively fast ROI on the Dragon War platform.

Additionally, larger investors have the potential to make high gains when they set up a Strong Dragon formation with adequate power to play for as long as they want. Of course, smaller investors will also benefit when they farm with the lowest map.

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