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AlterVerse Abandons Telegram Channel Following Hack Attack

Alterverse is an incoming NFT universe of games with more than 12 current blockchain game projects in the making some as far as 85% completed. AlterVerse has recently announced that it will be abandoning its Telegram Channel after a recent hack by an unknown intruder. This comes after a recent incident that resulted in the group being compromised.

Following this occurrence, the team took all necessary measures to recover the platform. This includes sending numerous emails to the Telegram Abuse Team and Customer Support.

So far, AlterVerse did not receive any positive response from Telegram Team. All this while, the attacker has already begun sending out messages to unsuspecting users and trying to scam them. The game understands that it has a duty to protect community members. Therefore, it is taking significant measures to ensure to prevent people from getting exploited.

AlterVerse to Migrate to Discord Following Telegram Channel Hack

AlterVerse will be utilizing Twitter and Discord as the major communication platforms since the official telegram group has been compromised. In this regard, the team is encouraging members to migrate to the Official Discord Server to get the latest updates. Although this is a tough decision, it is necessary to ensure that individuals are secure from cybercriminals.

As users move to Discord, they should also take necessary steps to protect themselves on Telegram. One of these measures includes blocking the Hacker that is posing as the CEO and using the username – @scotkinney. No member of the AlterVerse team (including the CEO) will send people direct messages first or initiate a conversation.

AlterVerse to Migrate to Discord Following Telegram Channel Hack

More so, community members should also leave the current Official AlterVerse Telegram group. Before exiting the group, people should also report the group. The team is hoping that mass-reporting the group will force Telegram to take down that channel. Without that platform, the hackers will become powerless.

Furthermore, people should avoid clicking on suspicious links from unverified entities. Doing this exposes people to various vulnerabilities. Always confirm that you are safely accessing your account before doing so.

Below are the legitimate URL links to AlterVerse platforms:

The aim of exposing the AlterVerse Telegram Channel hack is to create awareness among members. This approach will make users more security conscious and protect themselves better. In this regard, the team is encouraging everyone to spread the word and warn their friends.

Although there were plans and arrangements to launch a new official channel, the team decided against it. With the current platform still up and running, creating a new one will only cause confusion. However, AlterVerse is not ruling out a return to Telegram.

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