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Myria to Launch Public Nodes Sale on April 7th

Myria has announced plans to offer its public nodes for sale to interested individuals. These nodes are crucial components of the ecosystem that ensure its security and decentralization. Therefore, the Web3 gaming outfit will reward individuals who manage these connection links.

Details of the Myria Public Nodes Sale

The Myria Public Nodes Sale is set for the 7th of April, 2023. To operate one, players must have a Myria Node License. In addition, there are only 40,000 units available. Meanwhile, the price increases with each purchase. Nonetheless, the extensive benefits of operating the node will compensate for the price that investors pay for one.

Node operators are entitled to different rewards from the ecosystem. The prizes range from $MYRIA to non-fungible tokens. They will also get governance rights regarding certain decisions within the blockchain.

Furthermore, the team will launch a supporting Node software and Virtual Private Server on the 13th of April. This implies that moderators will not be able to operate nodes till that date. Although the prices of nodes are set in US Dollars, investors can only purchase them using $MYRIA. Before making a payment, calculate its value in the ecosystem’s tokens.

How to Participate in this Sale


As mentioned above, there are 40,000 nodes available. In addition, the price increases with each sale. The reason is that there are different batches in this sale. As each batch is sold out, the next set is offered at an increased price. Besides, the first collection with 49 units, the 2nd to the 10th groups have 3724 nodes each.

To purchase a node, follow these steps:

  • Create a MetaMask account. Ensure it contains enough $USDT, $ETH, or $BTC necessary for purchasing $MYRIA.
  • Create a Myrria Wallet. Ensure it has enough $MYRIA necessary for purchasing a Node.
  • Send the $MYRIA tokens from MetaMask to your Myria Wallet.
  • Visit the Myria website on the 7th of April.
  • Input the number of nodes you want to purchase, and the system will calculate the value in $MYRIA
  • Click on “purchase” to complete the process.

Requirements for Operating a Node

Before purchasing a node, ensure you have a computer that meets the following requirements:

  • 4 GB RAM
  • 2 CPU Cores
  • 60 GB of available Disk Space
  • x86/X64 capacity Processor
  • Stable and constant Internet Connection
  • Operating Systems (Win10, MacOS 10.10, Ubuntu 20.04)

Interested users can read through this Support Page to learn more about the upcoming public node sale.

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