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Everdome Partners with Alvara and Reveals Huge Joint Activities


  • Everdome announces collaboration with Alvara. An innovative platform in tokenized crypto funds, marking a milestone in the construction of a diverse metaverse.
  • The integration of the native token $DOME into Alvara’s platform will allow greater accessibility and participation in the financial ecosystem for both communities.
  • The alliance will offer investors more diversification options and participation in DeFi projects.

Everdome, a leading platform in the web3 space, has announced a collaboration with Alvara, an innovative platform facilitating the creation and management of tokenized crypto funds. This strategic alliance represents a key step towards building a diverse metaverse.

Everdome’s goal of connecting and collaborating with the most innovative projects in the web3 space is supported by this partnership with Alvara. The joint vision is to explore and expand the boundaries of decentralized finance (DeFi) in the metaverse. Offering users new opportunities to participate in a more inclusive and accessible financial ecosystem.

A highlight of this collaboration is the integration of the native token. $DOME, into Alvara’s platform. This will allow the Alvara community to access and become familiar with the Everdome ecosystem. While providing Everdome users with new avenues to participate in crypto funds through Alvara.

Additionally, Alvara plans to incorporate the $DOME token into its fund baskets, providing investors with more options to diversify their portfolios and participate in cutting-edge projects in the DeFi space.

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Everdome and Alvara will Take Decentralized Finance (DeFi) to the Next Level Hand in Hand with the Metaverse

Alvara’s protocol, which utilizes ERC-7621. Offers a comprehensive Fund Factory and Marketplace. With a transparent leaderboard showcasing the performance of each Basket Tokenization Fund (BTS) created. The ALVA and veALVA tokens play a crucial role in the growth and governance of Alvara’s ecosystem. Enabling active participation and democratic decision-making by the community.

Everdome is also proud to announce the launch of an exclusive Alvara space within its metaverse. Which will serve as a home for leading projects in the future of finance. This space will provide a platform for collaboration, innovation, and exploration of new ideas in the world of decentralized finance.

With this strategic partnership. Everdome and Alvara are paving the way for a more inclusive and accessible financial future in the metaverse. Users can expect continuous growth and many opportunities for participation as these two leading platforms come together to explore new frontiers.

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