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Tiny World Launches Tiny Lord Public Test

Following the successful launch of the Tiny Lord Closed Alpha Test, the play-to-earn game platform, Tiny World, announces its Tiny Lord Public Test Event.

There is an attractive prize pool of up to 30,000 TINC and 3,000 BUSD to reward the community during this event. The Test competition started on August 29 and will run until September 5, 2022.

How to Participate in the Tiny Lord Public Test

The Participating NFT in the Tiny Lord event must be mined within the NFT Pool. Other Non-fungible tokens have to be staked for NFT farming before qualifying to participate in the Tiny Lord battle. Participants need at least three NFTs to participate. 

All territories can only produce LTT (Lord Testing token) in the public test, and these tokens are not claimable, but holders can use them for ranking competition. Also, TINC will replace the Lord’s reward during the officially launched game. 

Tiny World will distribute the reward of 30,000 TINC and 3,000 BUSD after the one-week public test. The platform will base the distribution on the LTT earned rankings of participants. Suffice to mention that the game platform held its Boss Challenge Public Test a few months ago.

tiny world

Highlights of the Rules for the Tiny Lord Public Test

Here are some rules that apply to the Tiny Lord Public Test event:

Basic Gameplay

The Tiny Lord has three territory levels, which are OutpostsCastles, and Strongholds, with the higher Territory (Strongholds) having more TINC reward pool. At the launch, Dark Legions will occupy all territories, and players must select three NFTs mining in the NFT pool to create a team to challenge these Dark Legions

There are three rounds system used in the game, and the three Heroes in a player’s team will perform 1v1 combat power PK against the enemy’s counterpart. The battle will conclude with the team that gave the highest damage as the winner.

Occupy Territory

When a gamer wins the territory challenge, their winning three heroes can live in the territory and create TINC in real-time. The three heroes can also get the original mining reward from the NFT Farm. However, when a player is defeated, they can no longer live in the territory as a lord. However, they can still get the original NFT mining advantages in the NFT pool.

Territory Reward

During the occupation, the territory will generate TINC in real-time, and each territory level will have its emission rate. During the public test, all territories will produce only LTT.

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