PlayPoseidon Newcomer Event Extended
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PlayPoseidon Extends Newcomer Event to May 15th

PlayPoseidon, an addictive P2E NFT game has announced that it will be extending the event Week 2: Newcomer. Following this extension, there will be certain changes to the course of gameplay. This includes 3 special days where players will receive 2X+1 EXP bonuses on the 6th, 7th and 8th of May.

Details of the Extension of the PlayPoseidon Newcomer Event

Initially slated to end on the 2nd of May, PlayPoseidon will be extending the Newcomer event to the 15th of May. During this period, users will enjoy even more rewards. For example, there will be an increase of Hero EXP gotten from winning matches by 1 point. This change will apply to every level or stage on the map. Therefore, you will earn 2 points from level 1, 3 points from level 2 and so on.

While increasing the EXP benefits, the game is reducing the cost to upgrade NFT Hero by 75%. However, this only applies to users upgrading their in-game characters from Level 1 to Level 2. The 25% discount for upgrading heroes from Level 2 to level 3 no longer applies. As such, you will have to spend the regular cost to boost your assets.

Monthly High Score, Top Hero EXP Event and More

PlayPoseidon Monthly and Weekly High Score

In other news, the monthly high score is now enabled on Playposeidon. Furthermore, users will be able to claim the first prize from the 1st of June. Even better, the weekly leaderboard is already on and users can now receive their rewards. For both the monthly and weekly scores, users will earn according to their difficulty levels.

As such, each level will have its own list of high scores and is independent of the other. However, those will higher difficulties will earn more in terms of prizes. This will ensure equity within the game. In addition, the weekly reward is roughly a quarter of the monthly one. Below is a breakdown of the Tier A earning system:

  • 1-6 to 3-5: Rare Egg will be replaced with Common Egg
  • 3-6 to 5-5: the number of Rare Egg is reduced by 4 times
  • 5-6 to 6-6: 1 Legendary Egg is replaced by 4 Rare Egg

Users must claim their weekly prizes within 5 days, starting from 00:00 UTC on Monday when Playposeidon finalized the leaderboard. For the monthly reward, they must be claimed within 20 days, starting from the first day of the month by 00:00 UTC. Failure to claim rewards during this period will cause you to forfeit them.

To ensure equity, players can only claim 1 monthly prize per month. For the weekly reward, they can only earn it twice a week. This is regardless of your score. For prize details please check out the WPP.

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