Hunters On-Chain is free for all players
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Hunters On-Chain Launched! Now it’s Free to Play For Everyone

Hunters On-Chain, a blockchain-based casual action and PVE game, announced today that it is now free for everyone. New players will receive a free Common Hunter that will be linked to their wallet unless used in-game.

The game was originally released in 2022 as a paid game, but the developers decided to change it to a free-to-play model to increase accessibility.

Players can now try the game without having to spend money, and can earn BGEM tokens by playing and finishing in the top 3 positions.

BGEM tokens can be used to purchase chests containing hunter fragments, equipment, and even hunters. Hunter Shards can be used to upgrade existing Hunters, while Equipment can be used to create new Hunters.

Hunter level and rarity affect the amount of BGEM earned by playing. Hunters of higher level and rarity will earn more BGEM, allowing players to progress faster in the game.

Some of the game modes are now locked by hunter level. Bounty Hunter is only available to hunters level 3 and above, Boss Hunt requires level 5, and Hardcore Hunt is closed up to level 7.

Hunters On-Chain is available to play through a web browser or on mobile devices with Android and iOS apps.

What does this mean for Hunters On-Chain players?

The news that Hunters On-Chain is now free to play is great news for players who want to try out this casual action and PVE game.

The fact that new players receive a free Common Hunter is a good way for them to start playing without having to invest any money. The ability to earn BGEM tokens by playing and finishing in the top 3 positions is an incentive for players to play frequently.

Hunters On-Chain opens to all players

Additionally, players can use BGEM to purchase chests that may contain hunter shards, equipment, and even hunters, allowing them to improve their collection and their chances of winning.

The fact that hunter level and rarity affect the amount of BGEM earned from playing is something players should keep in mind. Those who want to earn more BGEM should invest in higher level and rarity hunters.

Game modes locked by hunter level are a good way to motivate players to continue playing and improving their hunters. However, it is important to note that players can still enjoy the free game modes even if they do not have high-level hunters.

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