Roadmap for Revolutionary Game Rebel Bots Xoil Wars Unveiled
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Roadmap for Revolutionary Game Rebel Bots Xoil Wars Unveiled

The Rebel Bots team is thrilled to unveil the impending release of Xoil Wars Beta on the Polygon Mainnet. Coming on November 1, 2023, this event marks a key milestone in the development of this epic web3 game.

Xoil Wars has immersive gameplay with the power of NFTs and P2E and a rich and fun experience for players.

Overcoming Challenges

Firstly, the journey to this launch has not been without its challenges. Initially slated for release in June 2022, the Rebel Bots team faced many delays and issues. However, the new team has overcome them, and a polished and stable version of the game is here to enjoy.

A Phased Release Strategy

Secondly, seeing the community response, the team will go for a phased release. Instead of waiting for all features, the team will roll out Rebel Bots Xoil Wars in version updates. This aligns with common market practices and allows players to check the game’s core features while new content gets ready.

Version 1: Core Features Unveiled of rebel bots

Version 1: Core Features Unveiled

Thirdly, the mainnet launch of Rebel Bots Xoil Wars will have an array of cool features that form the foundation of the gameplay. Players can engage in PVP battles and earn huge rewards, including Parts, Xoil, and Spark.

Over 300 Battle Cards, including Kingdom Cards, are present, too, along with many buffs and debuffs. Global player leaderboards make for a lot of friendly competition, and the Bot-o-Matic and Barracks provide players with tools to customize their style and manage their armies.

RBLS and Xoil deposits and withdrawals can be done with Wallet Connect 2.0, and the game is also available on Android, Windows, and Mac.

Upcoming Updates and Features

Following the successful launch of Version 1, the Rebel Bots will add new updates and features quite quickly. The first one will have a renting system, a guild dashboard, and improvements to the Barracks and Bot-O-Matic.

After that, they will work on matchmaking and server lag, along with the Kingdom Card Voting, Parts Shop, and Kingdom Leaderboards. Finally, Core app improvements will also come along on all platforms.

Long-Term Additions and New Plans

With the game economy stable, features like PVE Mode and Daily Challenges will also come out. These additions will provide players with diverse gameplay opportunities and challenges, ensuring long-term engagement and excitement on the game platform. They plan to keep making the game more and more fun for players for a long time.

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