Decentraland AI World Fair Set for October 25th
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Decentraland AI World Fair Set for October 25th

Decentraland has announced the launch of the AI World Fair for the 25th of October. Individuals will have the opportunity to explore the potentials, fantasies, realities, and probable disadvantages of artificial intelligence. In addition, this event promises to be insightful and will feature top technological brands.

While making the announcement, the metaverse ecosystem also gave a breakdown of what participants should expect. This includes plans to bring experts in artificial intelligence, metaverse worlds, and web3 organizations together next week. The update also outlines the rundown of events, beginning with the first day.

Decentraland AI World Fair – All You Need to Know

Verse Digital will host the AI World Fair that will take place in the metaverse. Experts from companies like SingularityNET, NVIDIA, and Rainbird will also be sharing insights from their wealth of knowledge. The event will begin with the “Sci-Fi vs. Sci-Fact” conference on the first day.

In that session, everyone will explore the application of artificial intelligence in every aspect of life. The discussion will continue into the second day, where participants will examine the positive and negative impacts of AI technology. Over the course of these two days, panel conversations will be about job displacement, ethical usage, and properly managing data with AI.

After identifying the advantages and disadvantages, the participants will move toward how AI can improve various aspects of society on the third day. This ranges from gaming and fashion to web3 and other industries that utilize technology.

Decentraland AI World Fair - All You Need to Know

Dr. Ben Goertzel – CEO of SingularityNet and creator of Sophia the Robot, will lead discussions on how AI and the metaverse can work in synergy. In his words, “The relationship between these two technologies will drive the next phase of development.” Aside from Dr. Goertzel, James Dues and Ben Taylor – Rainbird founders, will also host panels on separate discussions.

Finally, the Decentraland AI World Fair will not be some boring 3-day event comprising long and uninteresting lectures. There will be gaming experiences across all three days of the exercise. Participants will be opportune to engage in various quests, play games, and win prizes. The rewards range from in-game NFTs and wearables that they can use to customize their avatars.

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