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X World Games Introduces X Wallet

The first cross-play and cross-game metaverseX World Games, announces the launch of its X Wallet. This is an accessible crypto wallet for players’ blockchain games. The wallet will be incorporated with the Dream Card v2 to improve easy access to the game.

Suffice to mention that the X Wallet is a BSC-friendly wallet created for X World Games. Although it will be integrated into the Dream Card v2, it will support the Dream Card v1 also.

The Introduction of X Wallet

The mission of the game platform is to build a user-focused gaming ecosystem with ease of access. The game platform believes that the first step to making this a reality is to construct a formidable infrastructure that supports ease of access. According to the team, players will always choose the game platform with the smoothest experience and the least problematic route.

Currently, many gaming dApps in the market have not created an easy pathway for players because most of them depend on 3rd-party wallets to engage users. Unfortunately, when the login process becomes complicated, players would normally give up and leave the game platform. This becomes a loss for the game platform.

x world games

Although the X World Games platform has its proprietary wallet, it offers various wallet accesses to give players the freedom of choice across different functionalities. The X Wallet is designed exclusively for dApps gaming on Binance Smart Chain.

Players are assured of the best user experience and seamless accessible process that is incorporated with the XWG ecosystem.

Highlights of the X Wallet

X Wallet is user-friendly, safe, and fast. The game platform is currently working on more innovative functions to be included in the wallet. These functions include NFTs, easy-staking, Collectible showcase, and Web3 support. Players will have access to their keys, which they can store in Cloud using a non-custodial method.

With this, the private keys and funds are decentralized, secured, and safe. The embedded version of the X Wallet is integrated with both Dream Cards v1 and v2. The goal is to ensure that players have absolute control over their crypto assets. It also ensures that they can access their NFTs and tokens from anywhere.

X World Games plans to include more functionality to the X Wallet, including logging and browsing trending dApps, joining and comparing staking pools, transferring and storing NFT collectibles, all from one destination.

X World Games is a special blockchain-based multiplayer RPG game metaverse. The game platform plans to make blockchain features fun and easy for non-crypto players to buy and own NFTs.

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