Axie Infinity Shares Exciting Updates and a Few Leeks
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Axie Infinity Shares Exciting Updates and a Few Leeks


  • Origins Season 8 & 9: The eighth season introduced new runes, charms, and a crafting system, leading to a diverse meta and an 80% DAU increase. The ninth season will add SLP requirements and rewards to Gauntlet Mode, plus a new PvE rogue-lite adventure.
  • Metamorphosis & Classic Updates: Metamorphosis will allow axie part morphing, enhancing gameplay. Classic’s graphics overhaul and new guild features led to a 223% DAU rise, with strategic Artifacts and social Avatar Mode coming soon.
  • Axie Core Enhancements: The Bounty Board’s success prompted the introduction of the Premier Bounty Board, offering a separate reward pool and randomized quests to incentivize ecosystem activities.

Last week, the Axie Infinity community convened for the second Founder’s Town Hall of the year, where the team unveiled a series of updates and new features that have the player base abuzz with excitement.

The eighth season of Origins saw the introduction of 20 new runes, 10 new charms, and a revamped crafting system. The season has been met with enthusiasm, particularly for its diverse metas and a significant 80% increase in Daily Active Users (DAU).

The newly implemented scrap system has successfully addressed RNG pain points in crafting, and the Elite 8 Tournament boasted record viewership numbers.

The upcoming ninth season will introduce Smooth Love Potion (SLP) requirements and rewards to Gauntlet Mode, further enriching the player experience. Additionally, a new PvE mode is set to launch during the offseason, promising a rogue-lite adventure inspired by popular titles like Slay the Spire.

Metamorphosis: Revolutionizing Gameplay

Axie Infinity Shares Exciting Updates and a Few Leeks

Metamorphosis will allow players to morph parts on collectible axies, enhancing gameplay integration. This feature, bound to the Origins platform, will enable players to adapt their axies’ abilities and is slated for release in the offseason.

Classic: A Fresh Look with Enhanced Guild Features

Classic has undergone a graphics overhaul, breathing new life into the game while preserving its cherished legacy. The update has led to a 223% rise in DAU. The first Guild LAN event, featuring a 5,000 AXS prize pool, is set to take place on June 23rd in Quezon City, Philippines.

New consumable items called Artifacts will add strategic depth to the gameplay, allowing players to temporarily change an axies class. The Homeland segment of the game is also set to receive exciting updates, including the replacement of NPC adventurers with Axie NFTs and the introduction of Avatar Mode for enhanced social interaction.

Axie Core: Bounty Board Evolution

The Bounty Board has seen positive feedback, with increases in DAU and ecosystem revenue. The introduction of the Premier Bounty Board will incentivize valuable activities within the ecosystem, featuring a separate reward pool and randomized quests.

In conclusion, Axie Infinity continues to evolve, offering its community a blend of competitive play, strategic depth, and social interaction, all while balancing the in-game economy and player engagement.

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