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Gaming Platform XBorg Recaps Latest Updates and Future Plans


  • XBorg upgrades its infrastructure to support over 50,000 concurrent users, ensuring 100% uptime.
  • Launch of “The Dojo” in collaboration with Ninjas In Pyjamas, offering immersive digital experiences for fans.
  • XBG token is deployed on Ethereum, Arbitrum, and Solana, with the presale raising $5,300,000 for XBorg’s treasury.

In a month filled with advancements, XBorg has introduced various improvements and updates within its ecosystem. Strengthening its infrastructure and expanding its offerings for the esports and crypto community. Here are the most notable developments.

Firstly, XBorg implemented a crucial infrastructure upgrade to address scalability issues that arose at the beginning of May. This improvement has enabled the system to support over 50,000 concurrent users, ensuring 100% uptime for the rest of the month. This ensures a more reliable and efficient experience for the numerous fans joining through their esports team partners.

Additionally, XBorg has developed a new front-end SDK to facilitate esports teams in creating fan platforms powered by player identity. This tool allows teams to launch their own platforms more easily and cost-effectively, promoting greater interaction with their followers.

One of the most important strategic decisions was to sideline GamerBase, one of their product platforms. After more than 250,000 quests completed and 24,608 signups, XBorg decided to focus its resources on scaling its fan-stack with esports teams, gaming brands, and content creators. This strategy aims to expand its player identity protocol to one million users and beyond, migrating existing communities to customized solutions with the launch of the new SDK this summer.

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Key Developments and Strategic Expansion for XBorg

Among the most significant launches is “The Dojo,” a fan platform created in collaboration with the esports team Ninjas In Pyjamas. This platform provides more immersive digital experiences, offering fans access to exclusive content and rewards. “The Dojo” is now live.

Regarding tokenization initiatives, XBorg made significant progress with the XBG token. In May, they deployed it on the Ethereum mainnet and integrated it with Wormhole’s NTT. This will allow the XBG token to be available on Ethereum, Arbitrum, and Solana. With the majority of on-chain liquidity on Solana. The token presale concluded successfully, raising $5,300,000, and the token claim dashboard is being finalized to facilitate investor access on launch day.

Finally, in the business domain, XBorg has strengthened its team with the addition of a lead designer from the Blitz platform and is in the process of recruiting for several key positions.

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