Wild Forest Prepares for Mainnet Launch & Play-to-Airdrop Season 2
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Wild Forest Prepares for Mainnet Launch & Play-to-Airdrop Season 2


  • The beta season of Wild Forest continues, offering players the chance to earn Beta Tokens and Units.
  • The global launch of Wild Forest and Season 2 of Play-to-Airdrop is scheduled for the end of June.
  • Players can convert Beta $WF into off-chain $WF at a 4:1 ratio.

The world of Wild Forest is gearing up for a new era of excitement and competition with the imminent global launch and eagerly anticipated Season 2 of Play-to-Airdrop.

The current beta season is in full swing, providing adventurers the opportunity to earn valuable Tokens and Beta Units that will convert into live assets with advantages in the upcoming season.

One of the key features of the upcoming release is the ability for players to convert their Beta $WF into off-chain $WF at a 4:1 ratio.

This conversion will enable players to access their funds off-chain after the Token Generation Event (TGE), opening up a range of possibilities to engage in the game and earn rewards.

Furthermore, theavailable packs in Wild Forest offer a variety of rewards and opportunities for players.

From Battle Pass rewards to pack units and the ability to level up and enhance units, players have multiple ways to strengthen their positions before the official launch.

Wild Forest Prepares for Mainnet Launch & Play-to-Airdrop Season 2

Season 2 Launch and Strategy Importance in Wild Forest

With the launch of Season 2, a progress reset will occur affecting player ratings, leagues, Beta Shards, and Gold.

This reset offers all players an equal opportunity to start anew and compete on level ground in the new season.

It is important to note that strategy will play a crucial role in the success of players in Season 2 of Wild Forest.

Those who utilize the time before the launch to hone their gaming skills and develop solid strategies will have a competitive edge in the game and may excel in rankings and PvP competitions.

Anticipation is at its peak as Wild Forest prepares for its global launch and the exciting Season 2 of Play-to-Airdrop.

With opportunities to convert Beta $WF, earn valuable pack rewards, and compete on a level playing field, adventurers are ready to face the challenges that await them in the heart of the wild forest.

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