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MOMO Block Brawler Season 8 Launches on January 22nd

MOBOX is officially announcing the launch of the MOMO Block Brawler Season 8. The new season goes live season goes live today the 22nd of January 2022. As usual, this season will last for 14 days. Over this period, players will have the opportunity to earn various rewards.

This new season kicks off just hours after the end of season 7. The game made this announcement via their official Twitter Page. Here are the details of the new block brawler season.

Details of the MOMO Block Brawler Season 8

Like previous season 8 of the MOMO Block (Blockchain) Brawler is will focus on battle strategy. It also has 6 classes of heroes that gamers can chose from. They include Barbarian, Duelist, Ranger, Monk, Assassin, Mage and Monk. Over the next 14 days, create or re-create equipment sets, match skills and talents. Use your hero and weapons to create a strategy that will help you defeat the boss and other players.

Season 8 Gamplay

MOMO Block Brawler Season 8

As stated earlier, this new season will be the same as season 7. Below are the major aspects of its gameplay:

  • Season Ranking Awards: the season rewards will be according to battlefield rankings. Namely: Silver, Gold and King. Also, there will rewards for Hero Trial and MOBOSS
  • Hero Trial: this is a daily gameplay experience that resets daily. Your hero will get 12 chances to complete the 12 levels in the Hero Trial Tower.
  • MOBOSS: this is a daily Boss battle that rewards users with MBOX. Rewards will be according to the amount of damage that you deal the Boss.
  • Block Battlefield: the battlefield includes Bronze, Silver, Gold and King battle zones. The bronze battlefield is open to all players. However, players will only be able to access other battle zones when they meet the entry conditions.
  • Skill Matching: You can only equip your hero with 6 skills. Ensure to go through the skill library and mix the best combination of skills.
  • Equipment Smelting: as usual, no equipment goes to waste. Rec-create the highest quality equipment by smelting it.
  • MOMO farming: as you play the game, your MOMO will automatically collect gold coins, equipment and skill books. With a higher hash power, your MOMO will collect resources more efficiently.
  • Gem Bonus: watch out for inlaid gems. They provide special attributes to your hero. Different gems offer different attributes.
  • Market: do not hesitate to visit the in-game marketplace. Trade equipment freely and improve your chances of winning.
  • Talent Tree: by consuming talent points, you gain powerful abilities and bonuses.

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