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Dragonary Releases More Details about its Idle PVP

Dragonary, an NFT-based play-to-own game metaverse, has released more details about its Idle PVP. The new information details what a player can do if they have an Idle PVP and how to control their Dragons in fighting the odds. With the beta PVP transitioning between the final stages, the game will adjust the gameplay.

Currently, the game has two opposing teams in the game. Each has five Dragons on the Arena and the stage belongs to the dragon with the highest rarity. There is the Dragon Tamer who controls to remove the rival team and win.

However, if the victory does not come, the survival instinct and skills of the players will determine who wins. Within the five minutes battle, the Dragon Tamer and standing Dragons win the game. With the Idle PVP, the setting will be a bit different from what players are used to.

How to Get to Idle PVP

The button for Idle PVP is shown at the same UI location where the PVP is. When you click on the button, it enables the rival selection automatically. However, you can spin the wheel to select another rival if you think the matchmaking is not fair.


Suffice to know that the enemy can be 20% more powerful or weaker than you. Players must add up the stats for the 5 Dragons in the Idle PVP Arena to determine your team’s stat. The Idle PVP battle lasts only one minute.

The server takes care of the timing and allows you to choose your rival and calculate the winning percentage using both players’ stats. Players can equip their Dragons with exclusive PVP Idle equipment to go on Idle PVP missions.

Highlights of Idle PVP Rewards

There are four types of rewards that players can earn. There is the Idle Score, which you can swap for NFTs with utilities for Idle PVP and Idle PVE missions. There is also the DRAGO, which is the virtual coin of Dragonary.

The third reward is Chests, which is a popular Dragonary feature. Lastly, there is Idle Leaderboard Score, where top players win great prizes. Suffice to mention that these rewards depend on a single variable, which is the rival’s power. That means more powerful rivals will earn you better rewards when you beat them.

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