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Polka Fantasy Announces its Official NFT Marketplace Launch

Polka Fantasy, a Japanese NFT-based, Cross-chain marketplace, and Multiverse play-to-earn game platform has announced the official launch of its NFT Marketplace scheduled to take place on December 7, 2021

Polka Fantasy is an NFT Marketplace offering different functionalities and collectibles in a cross-chain marketplace with competitive transaction costs. Interested participants would be able to create, explore, and share their NFTs as well as trade and stake their NFTs across different chains.

These include Ethereum and Polkadot, among others. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to unlock the potential of their NFTs through the Polka Fantasy platform.

Polka Fantasy NFTs for Games

In the world of NFT today, the most well-known application of NFT is in the domain of digital art. However, holders of NFTs in Polka Fantasy Metaverse would be able to explore endless possibilities that the NFT offers outside the simple applications. 

NFT holders on the platform can use their NFTs in games to interact and battle with other players. The platform uses a play-to-earn game mechanism and exclusive in-game rewards that enable players to earn as they complete challenges and tasks in the game. 

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What to Expect in the Marketplace

As mentioned, Polka Fantasy is an NFT-based cross-chain marketplace for individuals with an exceptional appreciation for genuine Japanese ACG (animation, comics, and game) culture. The Polka Fantasy Marketplace is the premier destination for all digital collectibles. 

The platform brings creators, crypto enthusiasts, and artists from across the globe together and offers them the most genuine Japanese NFTs experience. The cross-chain technology available on the platform makes it easy to trade and place NFTs across different blockchains, including Ethereum and Polkadot, among others.

Highlights of the Fantasy Token

The in-game currency used in Polka Fantasy is the $XP Token. Users on the platform can earn and stake $XP tokens, which is the native token designed to improve the experience on the platform. Users can stake their tokens to get more in return, which helps to increase the distribution and royalties on the tokens. 

Holders of the currency would have exclusive access to sales on the platform as well as rewards. With the $XP, holders can also upgrade their NFTs in the marketplace. The token will also be used in the community for moderation and voting.

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