Axie Infinity Introduces the Creator Academy
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Axie Infinity Introduces the Creator Academy

Haven revealed its plans earlier on, Axie Infinity introduces the Creator Academy. This comes after the latest update to the Origin ecosystem. This institution will help to nurture and grow Lunacians who would like to become contributors. Especially in a time like this where educational resources are in short supply. As such, imaginative individuals have not been able to up the ante.

To tackle this challenge, Axie Infinity will be working with an online creator learning platform to offer educational skill training. This is not the first time that Axie Infinity will be re-investing back to its community members. With Axie Builders Program, Creators Program and other initiatives being good examples. AThe gaming outfit, it wants Lunancians to be the major contributors towards a better gameplay. After all, they are the ones who engage in it the most.

Details of the Axie Infinity Creator Academy

Axie Infinity will be partnering with Nas Academy to launch this initiative. Registration is now open and will continue till the 20th of July 2022. To encourage participation, Axie will be funding 200 fellowships for creators to participate. The project will feature 3 months of intensive training on the following skills:

  • Generating exciting content ideas.
  • Writing engaging scripts that retain viewers.
  • Filming high-quality videos on smartphones.
  • Editing videos from end-to-end on mobile.
  • Setting yourself up for success when posting to socials.
  • Monetization, content strategy, and branding.

To ensure that participants get the best upskilling, Nas Academy will design the training to suit the needs of Axie Infinity creators. Upon completion, individuals will undergo a 2-month mentorship exercise. This is where they will practice everything that they have learned. More so, they can be creating their individual channels while undertaking the guidance program. In addition, this enterprise will compliment the Creator Program that is powered by QUE3ST.

To register, visit the Nas Academy website and register.

About Nas Academy

Axie Infinity X Nas Academy

Nas Academy is an online learning platform for creative individuals looking to upskill. Owned by Palestinian-Israeli video creator – Nuseir Yassin, it is on a mission to empower them to become better. More so, it is firmly of the opinion that imaginative persons can become better if they employ the use of technology. Through its proper learning system, it trains creators to become educators.

The Lyceum does more than just create an academy, upload courses and manage alumni. It focuses more on building a business of education. Especially haven realized that people love to learn but do not like education.  As such, it makes upskilling seem more like learning than a regiment.

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