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Join the Bloktopia Alpha and Win 1 Million $BLOK

Bloktopia is delighted to launch the alpha version of its blockchain game. This alpha involves a play to earn game named BCubes. The essence of this version is to orient users and enable them to familiarize themselves on the mode of gameplay. Also, players will earn from the 1 million $$BLOK prize reward set aside for this event.

Details of the Bloktopia Alpha

This update follows earlier announcement from Bloktopia asking its community members to fill an interest form. Furthermore, the game will release the alpha in phases. This will create the best user experience for the community members who will participate in this gameplay. Participants will be the first persons to enter the Bloktopia metaverse. Users will only have level one access to the metaverse.

In this level, players will explore the Blokverse in search of BCubes. You can find them in hops, on rafters, and other points of interests. These items are located in places that will encourage users to explore this level maximally.

How to Participate in the Bloktopia Alpha

Bloktopia 1 Million BLOK reward

All those who filled the interest form should check their mailbox regularly over the next few days. Bloktopia will send them a one-time link. They can only use this link once. Avoid sharing this link to others, or you may lose your spot. There is a limit to the entry time. Therefore, Bloktopia is encouraging players to make the most of the time.

Also, avoid trying to beat the system by refreshing your browser. Doing this will not change anything. If you refresh your browser, the system will reset your progress level. However, your time limit will continue running in the background.

System Requirements for Playing the Alpha Version

Despite not being a multiplayer game, the alpha still requires a strong network connection to play. The game runs through a cloud based streaming service that requires high internet speed connection and low network latency. This helps Bloktopia to monitor the gameplay’s performance. In this regard, you should play it on a Windows or Mac computer with a very good network connection.

To ensure you get the best user experience, close all other applications on your PC before you start playing. Especially applications that require internet connections. As a computer game, players will be using the keyboard and trackpad or mouse over the course of gameplay. This game requires 15Mbps download speed, 5Mbps upload speed and 70ms latency.

Furthermore, you can change your display setting to improve user experience. However, Bloktopia is recommending a resolution of 720 or lower for the best performance. This is because lower resolutions put lesser strains on your network connection.

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