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Polkastarter Gaming Releases Details of its Harvest NFT Ability Cards

With the launch of the Harvest Game Open Beta around the corner, Polkastarter Gaming, announced that its Ability Cards are playable for the first time. It has released details about the Harvest Ability Cards.

The game platform encouraged players to familiarize themselves with the different cards in the game, including their rarities and their functions in-game.

What is The Harvest Game?

The Harvest game is a revolutionary approach to class-based shooters from Flaco where players can team up and battle against others. The goal is to dominate the essence of the universe.

Players will have a chance to build and refine their combat style as they play. They can obtain and blend various abilities to build the ultimate squad.polkastarter

The Harvest NFT Ability Cards: What are they?

The Harvest NFT collection features 132 Ability Cards with unique features to improve the gameplay experience. The currently available heroes – Alith, Sahad, Duke, and Kira, each have 33 cards you can choose from. According to Polkastarter Gaming, the cards are shared based on the following:

Premium Cards: There are 72 NFT Premium Cards available in limited supply. Users can get these cards through the Legendary and Mystery Boxes. Each hero has a set of 18 cards. These include 3 Legendaries, 6 Epics, and 9 Rares.

Common Cards: The Harvest Ability Cards contain 60 Non-NFT Common Cards available to all players for free. Each hero has a set of 15 cards, which users can convert to Uncommon NFTs in the future through a unique burning mechanism and level-up system.

Highlights of the Mystery Box

The Mystery Box features 10 random cards with rarity drop rates of 2.5% Shiny, 2.5% Legendary, 10% Epic, and 85% Rare. The Legendary Boxes have 40 ability cards and guaranteed rarity drops of 1 Shiny, 1 Legendary, 4 Epic, and 34 Rare. It is worth mentioning that the Cards will have unique rarities, which include:

  • Common: Non-NFT/Gray Frame
  • Uncommon: NFT/Black Frame
  • Rare: NFT/Blue Frame
  • Epic: NFT/Purple Frame
  • Legendary: NFT/Golden Frame

According to the platform, each card will feature a unique name, effect, and illustration, which will apply to the hero when they attach the card during a match. The two types of cards available are Active and Passive.

Gamers can build a custom deck of cards for each hero with the free-to-play Common Cards. They can also build with the Premium Cards, which they can buy as pre-sale boxes from Binance/Fractal or the marketplace.

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