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Global Esports Federation Establishes Metaverse Council

Global Esports Federation is set to move real-world opportunities into an unrestricted, inclusive metaverse. In pursuit of this goal, it has set up the GEF Metaverse Council, featuring creators and thought leaders in the Web3 space.

One of the major focuses of the Metaverse Council is to shape tangible metaverse development initiatives across NFTs, blockchain technologies, and the global community. According to the CEO of the GEF Metaverse Council, Paul J. Foster, the Global Esports Federation has established the Council to nurture ideas and shape the reality of its metaverse.

The Council will also offer access to unrestricted opportunities to its global community. Suffice to mention that the Chairperson of the Metaverse Council is the CEO/Founder of Flare, Hugo Philion. He is also the GEF’s Global Partner for the blockchain Ecosystem. The Senior Advisor of the GEF, Melvin Kuek, is the Vice-Chair of the Council.

What to Know about the GEF Metaverse Council

The Council is supported by a group of hive minds that is made up of global subject specialists. They include NFT and crypto project developers, domain experts, social influencers, and creative directors in the space. These experts include:

  • Oxskellymode, an NFT influencer and the co-founder of Enigma Ventures
  • Melty Tanti, the founder and creative director of the play-and-earn metaverse project, Jambo Mambo
  • MingWeiRocks, one of top Asia’s TikTok creators with more than 22 million followers
  • Sabertooth, the founder of the NFT project, Attack Tigers! and director of Tiger Vision Global Pty Ltd

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Highlights of the Chair and Vice-Chair of the GEF Metaverse Council Speeches

The Council’s Chair, Hugo Philion, opines that Esport offers limitless opportunities and potential for blockchain applications. According to him, he looks forward to partnering with the team and empowering communities and individuals to take greater control of their collective experiences and futures while they interact with each other.

According to the Council’s vice-chair, the metaverse generates three words when it comes to mind. These are Play, Inclusion, and Community.

They went further to state that these words are crucial to eSport and they look forward to working with the caliber of people in the space of eSport, Web3, and social media to shape exceptional opportunities and connectivity for a bigger, better, and unending playable metaverse.

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