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How can I Earn Cryptocurrencies Playing DEEPSPACE (DPS)?

DEEPSPACE is a popular NFT-based metaverse game built on the BNB Smart Chain blockchain. The game is themed around a 3D space-based metaverse where gamers can upgrade and trade spaceships. 

They can also mine and explore resources as they battle Artificial Intelligent opponents and other gamers. DEEPSPACE offers the crypto gaming industry multiple proprietary innovations. 

What to Know about the DEEPSPACE $DPS Token

DEEPSPACE is a strategy game with play-to-earn features. It offers gamers an opportunity to earn passive income from trading NFTs and holding DPS, the in-game token. It is worth mentioning that the DPS has a twenty-four trading volume of $5,120.65 and a live market cap of $1,116,170.

 Its circulating supply is 52,893,496 coins at a maximum supply of 100,000,000 DPS coins. The token is available through marketplaces, including PancakeSwap. 

How to Earn Crypto through DEEPSPACE Gaming Activities

DEEPSPACE users have many opportunities to earn cryptos. First, DPS holders get rewards from transaction tax rewards. Also, they can generate revenue through in-game asset ownership. Gamers can earn additional crypto by participating actively in the DEEPSPACE network. 

Some activities that let you generate more passive income include getting a ship, trading, mining resources, owning real estate, and fighting battles. Additionally, gamers can purchase NFTs and sell them in the marketplace to gain advancement or value within the game. 

The game platform has an integrated marketplace where users can connect with like-minded players looking for tradable items.

Resource Mining for Earning Crypto

Players can mine resources to curate raw materials, such as ores, to customize their ships and land. Modifying ships and customizing land help to increase the collectability and value of these items. For one, this can help improve performances in different battles. 

It can also increase the value when the player is ready to sell. Players can trade their modified ships through the marketplace to earn cryptos.

Land Ownership and Earning Crypto

DEEPSPACE is divided into planets, which consist of the in-game property. The game platform distributes the land through auctions in the genesis sales on the marketplace. It also gives property as rewards to gamers randomly during marketing campaigns and events. 

Landowners can modify their land parcels to increase their values. They can sell these land parcels to earn cryptos on the marketplace.

Earning Passive Income from the Planet’s Resources

Property owners in DEEPSPACE earn fees from guest players who collect resources on their planet. The land has various resources available to mine and gamers focus on the resource they require for progression. Gamers can craft mineable resources into consumables and sell the same on the marketplace. 

These are different ways gamers can earn DPS tokens while playing DEEPSPACE.

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