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Wasted Lands Reveals How to Join Arena Season 1

The Post-Apocalypse, Puzzle-RPG strategy game metaverse, the Wasted Lands, has revealed the details of its Arena Season 1 and how players can participate to show their skills. The game version is available for iOS, Android, and Desktop.

Interested participants can download the game from the related app stores for their devices. The game is available to both free-to-play gamers and play-to-earn users.

How to Join the Free-to-Play Arena Season 1

  • Open the game on your preferred device.
  • Click on the “Play Trial” button.
  • Next, click on the “Squad” button to form your team. You will find numerous free warriors with various rarities, gems, and skills that you can choose from to arrange your team.
  • Save your formed team and begin to enjoy your game.

How to Join the Play-to-Earn Arena Season 1

Players interested in joining the play-to-earn Arena Season 1 game must have a minimum of 01 warrior NFTs in their wallet. They can purchase the warrior NFTs from the Wasted Lands Marketplace before they can begin to play the game. Players have two options to log in to the game.

wasted lands

Option One: Use the Token ID to Login

Step One: Navigate to the official Wasted Lands website to connect your wallet.

Step Two: Click on the top right corner of the site and choose “QR Code”.

Step Three: Next, click on the “Copy Token” button for the PC version. If you are using the mobile version, click on Scan your QR.

Step Four: Click to open the game and select the code. Next, paste the Token ID to log in to the game and start enjoying your match.

Option Two: Register an Account to Login

Step One: Navigate to the official website of Wasted Lands and connect your wallet.

Step Two: Select “Register” and then create a unique username and password.

Step Three: Click to open the game on your device from the app store.

Step Four: Select ID and then login with your username and password. That is all! You can begin to enjoy your game without any stress.

More Information about the Wasted Lands Arena Season 1

The Wasted Lands will officially release its Wasted Lands Arena Season 1 today, March 15. The game is available to be played as free-to-play and play-to-earn. Players can download the game and select play the game in the Trial mode. Gamers playing the free trial mode will not get any ranking or rewards but play-to-earn users will get ranking and rewards as well as other perks in the game.

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